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Mon Nov 21, 16 10:27 am

[  Mood: Scared ]

OK!... Donít worry!... Don't anybody panic!... I got this! I got this under control!...

Um, I think I got this under control!...

Well, actually, Iím really in need of some help!

I just canít get this thing to work! Itís jammed or something!

I canít get my brain to think of a new blog story line!

Help me, please!

Nah, this is just a gag to get you guys to do my thinking for me. Iím just working hard at not working! Razz

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I have heard that a large percentage of your regular cast has gone AWOL from these parts. Shocked Perhaps you can spin a yarn to explain that or else improvise somehow.
Daniel, Mon Nov 21, 16 5:57 pm Post

Good idea...
Hmmmm, mayhap they have all escaped in Timothy's Oatmeal Fueled Rocket?
Princess Grace, Sat Nov 26, 16 11:42 am Post

Oh, be careful what you wish for. You don't want some people on HSA thinking for you, lol. Working hard at not working... Interesting concept Very Happy
Noah, Sat Nov 26, 16 6:28 pm Post

lol Laughing
Robert, Mon Nov 28, 16 9:08 am Post

Yes, I have been AWOL for quite a while. In my defense, this HSA site isn't to friendly with my phone :/ Also I was almost killed in an accident, but nevermind that. At least we learned something. Who'd have thought making fule tanks by lining Styrofoam boxes with garbage bags is an bad idea?

Actually, I was able to discuss our Oatmeal Fueled Rocket with him in further detail IRL at the Grubb's house late last year. That was fun Very Happy
Nicholas, Wed Nov 30, 16 2:25 am Post
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