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38 year old / Female
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About Me:

I am a professional sign langauge interpreter and a freelance writer and editor. I'm also the founder and director of Peculiar People--an international Christian collaborative fiction organization.

Favorite Books: 

I have too many favorite books, but some of my favorite authors are Stephanie Grace Whitson, Dee Henderson, Jamie Langston Turner, and A.A. Milnes.

Favorite Music: 

Current fav song: Mercy Came Running by Phillips, Craig, & Dean

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  With Parents
Want (more) Children:  Yes
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  Associate degree
Employment:  Part-time
Siblings:  2
Occupation:  Artistic / Musical / Writer
Interests: American Sign Language, reading, writing

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  6884
Profile Updated:  29 Dec 2010
Joined:  08 Oct 2007
Total posts:  302 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

I love to "hear" you say your studying sign language for the deaf! What a wonderful ministry! I was starting it with that purpose in mind...but it didn't go so well. God be with you!
- Sarah is a mommy
Sat Oct 20, 07 8:52 am
Welcome to HSA! I hope you have fun! Washington is not very far away from me!
God Bless You!
- Mamma Nallie
Fri Oct 19, 07 8:25 pm
Hi! Welcome to HSA! Where in Washington do you live? I am in Idaho about 2 hours from Spokane.
- Kaitlin
Fri Oct 19, 07 7:47 pm
Welcome to HSA!! ^_^
- Michelle Seymour
Fri Oct 19, 07 6:38 pm
Hi Kayleen! Glad you asked. I love talking about stuff like this. Smile

American Sign Language (ASL) is not a universal language--it's used in American and Canada. Other countries have completely different signed languages.

Yes, certainly many (most) Deaf learn to read and write English. But because ASL is a completely different language, it is like if Spanish didn't have a written language. Mexicans would have to translate their folklore and stories and anything else into English before they could write it down.

Once you change something into another language, it looses the cadence, idioms, inside jokes, plays on words...many of the things that make the story really what it is are lost when you change to another language.

ASL is visual. What rhymes to the eye (i.e. two signs with similar movements "rhyme") does not rhyme to the ear once you translate the two words into a spoken or written English. Jokes, such as the one about a giant who found a beautiful normal-sized girl, picked her up in his palm, and then asked her to marry him, aren't funny in English--it doesn't make sense until you realize that the sign "marry" would have resulted in the girl getting smashed between his palms.

However, now that technology is advanced enough that everyone has access to video cameras, finally ASL stories can be preserved in the original language.

- AmySparrow
Fri Oct 19, 07 3:56 pm
Hey Amy! Very Happy

Not wanting to hijack the filmmakers thread.....

So, does the desire for a written language special to SL come from wanting/needing it to be universal? I've been thinking about it since yesterday and am wondering if that's maybe kinda what's behind it.....? It intrigues me that there is such a thing as "Gloss" because (this conversation would be so much easier in person! lol)....well, let me say first that I TOTALLY understand how that starting from the deaf perspective is WAY different than being a hearing, English-speaking person learning, that said.....I know not all deaf individuals learn how to read, but many do, so, obviously, they can use our written language if they want....but I can understand wanting kind of your own thing if you're deaf. But still, written English certainly conveys a lot just fine, so it would *seem* to be sufficient, and the question would be, why not just go with what already is, especially since we can communicate fine without special markings and such(?)(tho that sort of thing actually is a smart idea). But SL IS concept/picture-based, so that plays a huge role in this I know....

Anyhow, so for a separate SL written language--is the goal that it be universal, and thus be able to convey not only the concept, but also, like you mentioned with Gloss, emphasis (gestures, expressions) and such to *anyone* deaf?

Sorry--as you can tell, I'm just trying to think through this. This is entirely fascinating!! Very Happy

Anyhow, did you have a good day today? Very Happy

- Reliable Kay
Wed Oct 17, 07 10:41 pm
Thanks for all the welcomes, folks!

Reliable Kay, my profile just says music because the option had those three things as one option--"Artistic / Musical / Writer". While I love to sing, I don't do anything professionally with my voice. I'm a freelance writer. Though really, since I make almost no money at it at this point, I'm not sure it qualifies as an occupation. LOL!

Laura, I live in the Southwest of Washington.

Amy W., I've been playing around with signs since I was young, but taking formal lessons for about five years.
- AmySparrow
Tue Oct 16, 07 10:53 pm
Hey Amy!!! Very Happy Welcome to HSA - hope you enjoy it here!!! Very Happy It says that you like to sign - that's so cool! I'm trying to learn myself. How long have you been doing it? Very Happy
- Amy W.
Tue Oct 16, 07 12:22 pm
Hi Amy! Smile Welcome to HSA. Which side of Washington do you live on? West or East?
- Laura
Mon Oct 15, 07 11:12 pm
Welcome to HSA! That's neat that you're sign language interpreter - I hope to learn sign language, sometime. Peculiar People sounds like an interesting organization!

Have a great day!
- Jessica M
Mon Oct 15, 07 6:57 pm

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