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41 year old / Male
Halfway from Austin
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About Me:

Definitely Gen Y. I have two parents and two brothers and one of them is a natural. I love him but he beats me at everything.

I live in Texas but didn't try to get here as fast as I could like some bumper stickers here read. I came here against my will and still don't appreciate that there are Texas-edition Ford F150s.

I spend a lot of time on the water, mainly wakeboarding. Right now I'm working on a backside 180. It's basic but I'm still a novice.

I'm passionate about the Middle East but haven't traveled there yet... I read a lot about it and try to keep up with the news from that region. However scared the typical American is of Muslims, they still need Jesus!

Favorite Books: 

The Scarlet Letter, Conflict and Culture in the Middle East, anything by CS Lewis or George MacDonald, Albert Camus' fiction

Favorite Music: 

Addrienne Young, Casting Crowns, , Miles Davis, Third Day, Phillip Telfer, Simon and Garfunkel, John Denver, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Switchfoot, Hillsong United, Christ for the Nations, Shawn McDonald, Jack Johnson

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  On My Own
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  Bachelor's degree
Employment:  Full-time
Siblings:  2
Occupation:  Sales / Marketing
Interests: Wakeboarding, literature, and the Middle East

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  7097
Profile Updated:  06 Jan 2009
Joined:  29 Oct 2008
Total posts:  28 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!
- Melody
Tue Dec 23, 08 3:50 pm
Hey man, yea.. it sucks. I hope at least something like that wont happen again.

Oh heís popular there? Thatís cool! This is the first time Iím hearing about him.

Oh really? Itís interesting that many Americans donít know much about the Middle East. Why do those terrorists hate Americans and British anyway? Iíve tried to find out before but couldnít figure out when all these trouble started. At least the conflict between the Pakistanís terrorists and us Indians is clear. Weíre fighting over the useless piece of land. Why do Muslims from the Middle East donít like Westerners? Is there a deep rooted hate for Muslims there or in other western countries? Iím asking that cause thereís always some westerner who makes fun of Islam or defame their prophet even though they know it makes things worse. You know the attempted Glasgow attack? When I read that Englandís queen had given Knighthood to that writer, I told my cousin, ďWhy on earth did she do that for?? Now some crazy terrorist is gonna blow himself up and kill many innocent civilians in their country or in some other western country.Ē I wasnít at all surprised when I heard about the attempted attack later. Thank God he didnít manage to kill anyone. So why do they do that?

Oh you mean youíre considering coming there for a school program? How long will you be staying there if you go? All the best!

No I play only with my friends in our backyard. Oh cool! You mean he was a pitcher in a baseball team there? Or in a cricket team? We call them bowlers in cricket. lol
- Emerlander
Sat Dec 13, 08 7:36 am
Ah yes the life saving gift card! That's a good way to go for the hard to buy for people. Smile We get gifts for our immediate family only and once in awhile for friends if we see something they would really appreciate, but on the whole we keep it simple. We do send out christmas cards (ok well my sister does, in fact this year she drew the art work for the cover of the card. It's very cool).

I get spoiled, my sisters buy alot of my presents for me, and I just pay for it. I don't mind Christmas shopping, but I never know what to get my sisters. I'm pretty much all set except for my dad.

Have any traditions for this time of year? Our traditional Christmas day is sleep in, (used to be get up early when we were younger but we matured out of that Smile ), eat a big breakfast, open presents and then go to one of my relatives on mom's side for a big family Christmas reunion. Doesn't seem like Christmas if we don't do that. Smile
- Jase
Fri Dec 12, 08 1:24 pm
Yes, snow is fun. We're already had quite a bit, but it's really cold today! The high is only supposed to be 16 degrees!
We have our own form of sledding - we call it Extreme Sledding! Now that my siblings and friends and I are all grown up, normal sledding just isn't as fun anymore. So the few winters we've come up with new ways of making it...interesting. Jason tried to sit on a plastic lawn chair that was balanced on two plastic sleds and go down the hill that way. He didn't make it very far! I didn't participate because I had a photo shoot the next day for an advertisement for a concert I was in. I didn't want to end up with a black eye and scratches!
We own a number of snow tubes and like to make ramps to go flying off of. Sometimes people even lie down on the opposite side of the ramp and you end up with a pile of people at the bottom. Sounds dangerous, but you have to remember that we're all well-padded with snow pants and layers of clothing. It's definitely more exciting, though!
Most of my extended family lives here in Illinois. My mom's parents live about 15 minutes away and I have a lot of aunts and uncles in the Chicago area. A few live in Florida, some in Texas, some in Las Vegas, some out east and some in Arizona. My dad is one of 6 kids and my mom is one of 7; so I have lots of relatives! What about you?
- Melody
Fri Dec 12, 08 10:57 am
Here is Illinois. I love where I live because of the changing seasons. My brother is happy for the snow because his winter time job is plowing. He's already been out a lot this year!
So what'd you go to San Diego for? And yes, the mountains would be beautiful! I've hiked in the Rockies and absolutely loved it! Some day I'd like to go back again.
- Melody
Thu Dec 11, 08 10:57 am
Ah yeah, makes sense. If I got a car/minivan for a family vehicle I'd probably go Toyota or Honda because you're very right there. No don't worry you didn't pop my bubble, you're ok to like whatever, I just am a Ford man myself. Smile

You all set for Christmas?
- Jase
Wed Dec 10, 08 4:55 pm
Congrats, you're on my top nine today. Very Happy Hope you're having a great day!
- Heather Belle 5GC
Tue Dec 09, 08 6:59 pm
I hope you have a wonderful time with you family. Hopefully you will be able to make it next year. Smile
- Allison
Mon Dec 08, 08 1:22 pm
I'm a people person, so I have lots of friends! Smile It's neat how God brings different people into our lives at different times. And God always knows just the right time, too! Not coincidence, I know...
So do you miss the snow? That's what it's doing here right now...
- Melody
Sat Dec 06, 08 5:05 pm
K so you don't know me (well what's this site for anyway Smile but I guess my sister does (sorta). Anyway I couldn't help but notice your comment about the F150s. Please tell me you're not a Ford hater...please....

Smile No if you're a Dodge or Chevy man or none that's ok, I'll live with it. Smile

Sounds like you have fun in the water, boy wakeboarding looks so fun I'd love to try that sometime. Smile
- Jase
Sat Dec 06, 08 1:39 pm

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