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 Emma S.

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33 year old / Female
United States
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Marital Status:  Single
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Siblings:  3

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  3264
Profile Updated:  01 Jul 2014
Joined:  15 Mar 2014
Total posts:  33 (search topics created)

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Rebecca Theall Tero

Sunday Dawn

Krista Lingo

Friends Notes:

You're forgiven! =) Making sure people have information about this stuff is my mission, I don't want anybody to get preyed on by people like that.
- Melissa Silvanus
Tue Apr 29, 14 8:46 pm
Apology accepted as well! Thanks for your understanding, even though I was insensitive. Smile
- Robert Szalapski
Tue Apr 29, 14 2:50 pm
Re pic comment: Thank you!
- Sunday Dawn
Thu Apr 24, 14 9:29 pm
Thank you! I hope you do as well! ~S
- Sunday Dawn
Sat Apr 19, 14 10:37 am
No little people around, that would be really different! Do you have any nieces or nephews? Siblings are kind of like that, only they are there 24/7 Smile
- Rebecca Theall Tero
Wed Apr 16, 14 7:13 am
My week was very good very busy. This is a very festive time of the year, added with all the spring work.
- jackh
Tue Apr 15, 14 7:13 pm
Please ignore that last comment, I should explain that when I answer comments, I usually copy-paste whatever the person last wrote me into their message box, so I can keep reading it as I type and make sure I'm responding to everything. Occasionally however, if the submit button is clicked in the middle of this process, than it looks like you just posted a person's letter in their own message box.

In this case it was two siblings in the middle of a game of chase and one dove into my lap for protection, resulting in the "submit" button being pressed... Life with younger siblings Smile

But as I was saying, thank you for the link, my sister loves Lindsey Stirling, but I didn't know she had recorded a version of "River flows in you".

With Bing rewards you sign up for a Bing account and then whenever you use the Bing search engine to search for things, it gives you points. The points can be redeemed for a lot of stuff but I normally use it for Amazon gift cards. They are especially handy around Christmas Smile
- Rebecca Theall Tero
Sun Apr 13, 14 2:26 pm
Thanks for the link! My sister

The link didn't work in my previous post.
- Emma S.
Mon Apr 07, 3:31 pm [X]

Yes, we do have a Michael's about an hour away so I use their coupons whenever I go there. I haven't heard about Bing rewards. No, I didn't try Wet Canvas again. Maybe I should.

I also like this version of 'River Flows In You':
- Rebecca Theall Tero
Sun Apr 13, 14 2:17 pm
Well, I was going to give you a welcome but you where on here before so I will just say hi. Say, I noticed that you where back in the forums, thats good.
- jackh
Sat Apr 12, 14 6:40 pm
I can't really say welcome too well considering I'm new as well, but welcome anyway. Smile
- Beth Ann
Sat Apr 05, 14 8:03 pm

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