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 Prairie Shepherdess

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37 year old / Female
S.W. Missouri
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About Me:

Hey! I'm here to make new friends so just drop me a note. If you have any questions, ask and I'll be happy to share the limited knowledge I've managed to pick up so far. ;-)

Get to know me better at
I blog at E. Kaiser Writes-A-Blog
On FB at: E. Kaiser writes.
Google+: E. kaiser Writes
And Twitter: EKaiserWrites
Stop by and say something! Connect! ;-)

I'm also on Goodreads now, so if you need a friend on there shoot me a line! E. Kaiser.

My books are mostly fantasy/fairytale type adventures; I'm super excited about Prince of Demargen being a possible for the Realm Award!

Sibling Finder: I only have one on HSA; so without further ado he-e-ere's Abigail! Abi of Nebraska. She's shy, so send her a friend request! (Tell her I sent you! :-) ) She's also not on here as much as I am, so don't be alarmed if you don't hear back from her immediately!

I live with my family on a mid-sized farm/ranch above the Rebuplican River. While several of my siblings engage in the family business of horses; training, buying-training-and-selling; I am part of the 'house crew' with my Mom and youngest, 'part-time', sister. I know that I have the greatest team ever in my corner with me, and I love them to pieces, even when we can't agree... "love knoweth no bounds".
We garden extensively, (can, dry, freeze,) cook everything from scratch, and keep a herd of premium quality Alpines, which are one of our, (Abi's and mine,) pride-and-joy's. [Can that be puralized?]
We also enjoy sewing, quilting, and most old fashioned handcrafts... if we haven't done it, we are interested in learning!

In pursuit of greater independence food-wise, in 2008 I took on the quest of bee keeping, which is still a learning curve for me. Have had a little trouble with them, but we still have live insects, so we're hanging in there! Looking forward to honey harvests, (hopefully!) which will make it all worth while. [Update; after four years, they had all died, and I haven't had the heart to restart.]
I am an incorrigible dreamer, and castles in the clouds are mainly what I grew up in. I still love words in all forms; poem, story and song, and writing is an outlet I enjoy very much.

I am interested in learning... so many things that can't be taught, only caught. There are so many things out there just waiting for an inquiring mind... I can't get to them all. But I enjoy meeting, wrestling and conquering the ones that cross my path. (Okay, I don't actually Enjoy It until after the fact...)

Home-schooled all the way, I am deeply thankful to have had unhindered access to the Lord's amazing creation from the very first. So many things are so easy to see when 'real' reaches out and takes your hand. I have been blessed to have grown up in places and with a way of living many people hope for on vacations.

My passion is being the best steward possible. At this time I deeply feel that includes unearthing a way of living that can go on and on... independent of the crazy things happening all around the world. Not completely there yet, but well on the way and making strides with every year.
...So many things to learn!

Favorite Books: 

Recovering Bookworm here... this is a hard question!
Robert Louis Stevenson,
Too many to list...
& Many, many instructional books.
Enjoyed 'Time and the Art of Living', by Robert Grudin. Great book, very thought provoking... it more 'asks the right questions' than 'gives the right anwsers'.
Also, I enjoyed Watership Down... loved the way the author turned rabbits into characters that were full of life, and still 'rabbit-ish'. Very clever writing.

Favorite Music: 

Michael Card,
Il Divo, (Mama; Regressa a mi...)
Celine Dion, (That's the Way It Is...)
Golden Oldies Tunes, not so much a lot of the lyrics...
A lot of times I will like a song or two of an artist, but not their others. So I would best describe it as 'Eclectic'! ;-)

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  With Parents
Want (more) Children:  Yes - a bunch
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Employment:  Homemaker
Siblings:  4
Occupation:  Other
Interests: Biblical thinking, Family Dynamics & Interpersonal Relationships, Household Economics, Herdsmanship, Languages, Writing, Spinning/Weaving, Sewing,etc.

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  33686
Profile Updated:  12 Dec 2016
Joined:  03 Aug 2009
Total posts:  69 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

#1 today Smile
- Out West Girl
Tue Jan 03, 17 12:39 am
You're my #1 today Elizabeth!
- Vivian
Wed Dec 14, 16 7:06 am
When was the last time I connected?
The first time 28 Oct 2015 Very Happy
As for what we were talking about?
*Thinks long and hard*
We haven't, this if the first time!
I might as well say hello!
- Joe
Mon Dec 12, 16 9:02 pm
Nice to see your on again.
- Joe
Tue Dec 06, 16 7:53 pm
Thank you.
- Alan Hepworth Rambo
Thu Nov 24, 16 6:50 pm
#1 today ! Hope your having a good one Smile
- Out West Girl
Wed Aug 24, 16 5:43 pm
Hi! Spring has been pretty busy so far Smile We have gotten some rain here which is awesome!! How are you doing?
- Out West Girl
Wed Apr 27, 16 2:57 am
Thank you for your note, you are welcome to use the picture if you want to Smile
- Olivia Rose
Sat Apr 23, 16 2:13 pm
Thank you for the welcome! I didn't have any problems joining. the cold isn't too bad 😊
- Out West Girl
Fri Jan 22, 16 1:40 pm
Thanks for the link. Smile I've heard of it but haven't been over there yet... I should do that!
- Deborah Marie
Fri Oct 09, 15 5:15 pm

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