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31 year old / Male
Tamil Nadu, India
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About Me:

Hey everyone, I'm Sylvester Marshall and I live in southern India. Iím not the only Indian member in this website anymore. My bro has joined here. I have one biological brother and four adoptive sisters. We have hardly any contact with 2 of them now. So I have only 2 sisters now I guess. My grandma and my invalid aunt live with us. My mom takes care of them. I am the youngest in my family, so Iím treated just like a baby and itís SO embarrassing! Used to be so shy but learning to be outgoing for the last 4 years. Thereís a lot of improvement but I still have a long way to go. I have no problem talking in online chats, though. I'm a pretty geeky sorta person at times but with close people I'm full of fun.

I'm crazy about animals (particularly reptiles). The saltwater crocodile is my favorite animal. Obviously Iím a huge fan of Steve Irwin. I still cant believe he diedÖ :(

Iím an addict to this game called Cricket. Itís somewhat like baseball. I dreamt of becoming a professional cricketer when I was 14 but quickly gave up that dream cause I couldnít stay away from my family during tournaments! ahem.. I donít have any problem staying away now but my mind is set on other things.

I wanna continue my dadís business and run a successful publishing company. I wanna concentrate mainly on Educational and gospel books ----- Educational books to make money and gospel books to spend the money! I also believe we can change the society for the better through good education.

Oh and I love to dream. Only God knows if I'll realize all my dreams one day.

Ah. Itís too long already. Iíll stop now.

Favorite Books: 


Prayer, Conversing with God

Super-Power Memory

The world is Flat

Why Don't Men Listen & Women Can't Read maps

Favorite Music: 

A lil bit of everything.

Marital Status:  Committed
Living Situation:  With Parents
Want (more) Children:  Yes
Homeschool your children?:  No, not planning to.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Student

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  High School Grad
Employment:  Student
Siblings:  3
Occupation:  Executive / Management
Interests: Cricket, animals, books, photography, photoshop, browsing, songs, movies and day dreaming!

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  20566
Profile Updated:  03 Nov 2010
Joined:  22 Sep 2008
Total posts:  3 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

Yea, its pretty awesome, and I love it! Very Happy
- Chana Mahler
Mon Sep 26, 11 8:04 am
Yeah, all I know is that there are some pretty crazy traffic videos on Youtube! It could be Europe that has all of those crazy intersections, man, I'd seriously consider moving for easier travel conditions. Razz

Yeah, well that could be very true. More guns only work if the majority of the populace is moral, and supporting of law and government. I, having never actually been to India, am positively far too ignorant to pronounce one way or the other! So you're right, we can totally disagree. I'll bet though that if you saw America and I saw India, we'd both understand eachother's points exactly. Cool

Woah! That's crazy! How blatantly fake can it get? I think you're right about how it's doing more harm than good. I mean, not all but a great many of those people still clinging to their sin walked out of that baptism event reasurred of their safety! Yeah, do you guys have the "prosperity gospel?" It's a big problem in America. Pastors say "come to Christ, and He will give you health, wealth, and prosperity." Which of course is never promised, in fact, it's promised that Disciples face certain trial and tribulation. It's very sad for sure..
- Matthew Dodds
Sun Sep 25, 11 11:18 am
Thats awesome! I've always wanted to visit India! Very Happy

No I'm not "officially" working yet, insurance wont pay for it. But I like to hang out there, and "work" Razz
- Chana Mahler
Wed Sep 07, 11 3:36 pm
Ok, I see. Hey I think it's cool you live in India. You like it there?
Btw, being an EMT is very cool, but not how people would normally think. Yeah its cool to save people's lives, and stuff, but I love it for the people. The doctors, the nurses, the paramedics. They are such different people! and I guess its a feeling of belonging to something. Razz
- Chana Mahler
Fri Sep 02, 11 12:31 pm
Smile No, its not a European spelling its a Hebraic spelling. Smile How do you pronounce your name?
- Chana Mahler
Fri Sep 02, 11 12:13 pm
Hey thanks for the welcome. The answer is: No, they always pronounce it Shana, or CH-ana (like CH-at) Razz its quite annoying if you ask me...
- Chana Mahler
Fri Sep 02, 11 11:46 am
Dude, I've seen some pretty crazy Indian driver videos on Youtube. I don't think it's the driving that's whack, I think it is the traffic rules! Seriously, I'll bet if you came to the US you'd think we had it way too easy. Wink

See, I read what you wrote "The politicians and police are corrupt but for some miraculous reason, they dont allow gangsters (or anyone else for that matter) to get their hands on guns." and thought immediately that's why! They don't allow the good people on India to have guns because that would give the people a certain level of decentralized power to make nationwide change! It's our second amendment (the gun-part of our constitution) that keeps all of the other wonderful rights from collapsing! Besides that, who's going to obey a gun ban? Law abiding citizens right? So you successfully take the guns from law abiding citizens, all of that power is then divided among criminals and police and those two groups become much, much more able to affect the nation! It's a scary thing bro, you need to come over here and experience freedom! Smile

Yeah, I never cared much about dress honestly. What the person believes in their heart and thinks in their mind is so much more important. Of course, those things do translate into the way life is lived, and that includes clothing choice. You're totally right about the cultural thing! Over here in the US, a tank top IS conservative in many places. So yeah a lot of it totally depends on location, which is interesting in your case like you said, two different continents! B)

I wish that was true, we have this epidemic called "cultural Christianity" and it's especially rampant in the southeast. Basically, people go to church on Sunday but act like a non-Christian all the other days of the week, they are no different. Which actually makes it harder to understand how a Christian behaves because there are so few examples!
- Matthew Dodds
Mon Aug 29, 11 6:43 am
Wow, thanks for the story! When you say you proposed in October, does that mean you asked her to be your girlfriend? It must be really hard to have to wait a whole year before you can see her.

A lot of people seem to feel the same way about my relationship status, and probably for the same reason. Wink

Yeah, the Christian artists that HSAers listen to probably aren't played on your radio. Smile They aren't usually played on our radio, either. I don't listen to Skillet as much, but TobyMac is one of my favorite artists. He's one of the few white guys who can rap. Very Happy Solid lyrics, too, when he's not being silly. I won't get down on you for liking M&M; he's pretty talented. I agree, most rap artists are hard to understand, though most of the time, that's okay because their language isn't the cleanest.
- Lydia Ruth WBE
Wed Jul 27, 11 9:52 pm
Dude, it throws comments over here too, and there are millions of us! Haha, I can definitely see that, I apologize if I sound arrogant, I just realized I am "that guy" who assumed just because it happens locally that it happens everwhere. I think it's time for an eye opening tour of the world. Razz Maybe visit Australia for a few weeks, India, China.

Oh man, I've seen that stuff on Youtube, it's insane!! I'll bet it's really tough for Indian drivers to adapt to US traffic signs / style. Haha

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Man, guns are awesome. Guns symbolize the right that guards all other rights, once the populace is unarmed, what's to stop a tyranical government from dictating everything else?

I guess it depends on what you mean by "Conservative." It's more of an attitude and an approach to life and truth I think, what do you think? So how would I define a conservative girl, attitude and approach. They seem to know where they stand and hold true to that, holding confidence in that truth not themselves. The girls I would call "liberal" seem to be more focused on partying through life, as a way of life. I may be completely off on that though, it's been a long day. Wink What do you think bro? How would you define her?

I know, the phrase just sounded pretty awesome. Cool "Playing hard" sounds like work to me. Razz

I have not, and refuse to. Wink

Dude, the Bible belt is the southeast US where the church goer population is much higher than the rest of the nation. But this is not to say that there is a higher population of Christians.

That would be awesome, international HSA gathering. Cool
- Matthew Dodds
Tue Jul 26, 11 4:37 pm
Thank you for the blog comment! We guess that the neighborhood dogs brought them over to our dog, who brought them in the house. We keep hoping that they will die now that they have nothing to eat, but so far that has not worked. They really cannot be seen until they are on you, it's crazy! Rolling Eyes
- Leah(Winandy) Weimer
Sat Jul 23, 11 6:07 am

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