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 SDGgirl Denae

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38 year old / Female
Glasgow Montana
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About Me:

As a quick update until I have more time, here is my newly written bio for my website:
Denae Kauffman is an accomplished photographer, pianist, and speaker who loves the Lord Jesus and seeks to live soli deo gloria. As a photographer who loves living in Montana, she loves to spend a day in the great outdoors photographing the beauty of nature and Godís creation. She also enjoys doing wedding photography which led to her own business of Soli Deo Gloria Photography. Her greatest joy in sharing her piano accomplishment is to play for worship services. She also greatly enjoys leading Godís people in worship when she gets the opportunity to do so. She wishes to encourage her generation to serve God with their whole heart, to seek His face, and to live for His glory. Her public speaking includes sharing about her journey to India, motivational talks for young people, and being a Hunters Safety Instructor and Regional Coordinator of Bowhunters Safety Instructors for the State of Montana. She is involved in several local and national organizations including her roles as Area Rep. for Operation Christmas Child a division of Samaritanís Purse Ministries, and Leader for The Truth Project Biblical Worldview Discussion Groups by Focus on the Family. As the oldest of three children, she enjoys spending time with family, cooking, scrapbooking, her private homecare of the young and elderly people she cares for, and her fondest dream is to fulfill her calling to become a Godly wife and mother.

I am a 25 year old who loves my Lord Jesus with all my heart. I seek to honor Him in all I do and to reflect His glory to the world around me. I love ministering wherever He places me. I have played the piano since I was 4 and love it very much (when I play I feel God's pleasure) I play for church frequently, and am also a worship leader in my church. I love kids and can't wait to have my own. Right now I am caring for a four year old and also doing private homecare for the elderly. I am very involved in my community and volunteer frequently. I am currently leading a Truth Project Biblical Worldview Studies Group (if you haven't heard of this you should check it out @, it is really awesome)! I love to hunt, and teach both Hunter and Bowhunter Education. I have been feeling very out of touch with the homeschool world since graduating, and am very glad to have found HSA.

Favorite Books: 

The Bible, Anything by Joel Rosenberg, Chuck Colson, Janette Oke, Lori Wick, Dee Henderson, Ruth Graham, Max Lucado. What can I say, I love to read. I never have enough time to read.

Favorite Music: 

Any Southern Gospel Music (Jeff and Sheri Easter are my favorite), Classical, Hymns, some Praise and Worship.

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  With Parents
Want (more) Children:  Yes - a bunch
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  Some College
Employment:  Self-employed
Siblings:  2
Occupation:  Medical / Health Services
Interests: Homemaking, Music, Cooking, Scrapbooking, Gardening, Hunting, Bowhunting, Stamping, Hiking, pretty much anything outdoors.

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  5185
Profile Updated:  05 Aug 2011
Joined:  29 Aug 2008
Total posts:  2 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

Thanks for the comment on my profile. It was fun matching the emoticons to the words. Very Happy
Have a great day.
- Eric Tackett
Tue Feb 28, 12 6:49 pm
Chihuahua, actually. One of my great-grandmother was technically born in the US, but in the mountains of New Mexico on a ranch the family had since it was Mexican territory. They spoke only Spanish.
- Josh Lingo
Fri Feb 17, 12 8:00 pm
Hi Denae!!
Course I remember you!!
I'm doing well! working over sees right now. Loving it.
How are you? what are you up to these days?
- Shannon
Thu Mar 03, 11 8:18 am
I know it's been forever since you commented me, but I haven't been on. Yes I have been to Montana when I was a kid and driven through once as well. I would like to explore it more some day!
- Bryon EL#1
Tue Jan 25, 11 7:39 pm
Hey thanks! Yeah Montana was really beautiful while I was there which was during the summer months. I was in Bozeman, Big Timber, Livingston and Billings. I liked Bozeman the best for sure. Western Montana is nice. Where is Glasgow?
- Phillip Sullivan
Sun Nov 07, 10 10:03 pm
Sweet is right! Smile

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4, Limited Edition....I'm a happy camper!
- Elysse Baumbach
Tue Feb 16, 10 10:58 am
Hope everyone had a wonderful CHRISTmas and a very Happy New Year!
- SDGgirl Denae
Sat Jan 02, 10 5:03 pm
Merry Christmas Denae!!
- Shalom
Fri Dec 25, 09 12:56 pm
I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Very Happy
- Amiable Amy
Thu Dec 24, 09 2:21 pm
Hey Denae! So I saw this girl at church the other day and she looked SO much like you. Anyway, it made me start thinking about you and wonder what's new in your life. How have you been? Did you go to the Idaho get-together?
- Caitlin Baker
Sat Nov 14, 09 5:25 pm

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