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43 year old / Female
SW Washington
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About Me:

Not much to say. Homeschool graduate of '96. I live in SW Washington. I have three younger siblings, all homeschooled. I work full time. I live with two Christian roommates. Etc., etc., and so on.

Favorite Books: 

You want me to list my favorite books? This is nowhere near long enough. Let's just say that I increase my book collection almost weekly.

Favorite Music: 

Right now, it's Josh Groban. I have an eclectic collection, but he's the one who's in my CD player for now.

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  With Roommate(s)/Sibling(s)
Want (more) Children:  Yes - a bunch
Homeschool your children?:  Not sure yet.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  Some College
Employment:  Full-time
Siblings:  3
Occupation:  Clerical / Administrative
Interests: lots of things.

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  2247
Profile Updated:  18 Mar 2008
Joined:  15 Nov 2007
Total posts:  10 (search topics created)

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Thomas Bombardier


Rebecca Bombardier

Friends Notes:

I am looking forward to getting to meet you in a couple of weeks!
- Rebecca Bombardier
Sat May 03, 08 12:00 am
Oh I forgot Brad was coming. Have fun with him!
- AmySparrow
Wed Mar 19, 08 7:07 pm
The tag info is on my blog here, and the game night is on Saturday in McMinville. The info is in the event forum.
- AmySparrow
Tue Mar 18, 08 2:35 pm
You've been tagged. Hey, you wanna go to the game night with me next Sat?
- AmySparrow
Mon Mar 17, 08 11:05 pm
Thinking of going to the HSA National Reunion? Check out this thread:
- Elysse Baumbach
Mon Feb 11, 08 2:45 am
Merry Christmas!! Praise the Lord for a wonderful time! Very Happy
- Sonia
Tue Dec 25, 07 10:24 pm
Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
- Melissa Ross (OFC)
Mon Dec 24, 07 3:55 pm
Hey you. Just wanted to say hi. Did you see that they are planning a snow day in Oregon? I know, I know, snow is you *favorite* thing, but let me know if you're interested in going. I'm going to try to go.

Oh, Sis is leaving for SC on Tuesday...won't be back for six months. Sad
- AmySparrow
Sat Dec 22, 07 3:28 pm
Have a good day!
- Sarah is a mommy
Wed Dec 05, 07 5:51 am
I'm Ben_Poet in the FW forums... I usually write poetry for the challenge, though I haven't written anything for the challenge in the past couple of weeks.
- BenPoet
Tue Dec 04, 07 9:06 am

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