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35 year old / Female
Ice Kingdom
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About Me:

From the snow covered region of my birth,
To the sun soaked desert of my rearing,
And finally the mud filled land of my "adulthood",
I watched and grew, and learned to live,
And truly know what it is to be older than I am.
(I'm back in the sun again!! :mrgreen:)

So, I decided it was time to actually fill this in for real, instead of just having a crazy poem, though the poem does pretty much sum up where I have lived—Minnesota, New Mexico, and Oregon (and NM again :P ). In all honesty, I remember almost nothing of Minnesota, though. For me, life literally began when we moved to New Mexico.

Anyways, I’m not really the ‘homey’ type of female most others are, meaning that I can do most things that are considered ‘guy’ jobs. For example, I can change a toilet, fix the plumbing, change part (to all) of a garage into a room, rebuild an engine, fix your car, change tires, change oil, build an airplane, create and mend fences, and tame wild animals. But I haven’t yet learned the electrical aspects of those jobs. When it comes to cooking, unless I’m fully concentrating on the job (which it is rally really hard to get me to apply my full concentration on anything), I’ll mess it up somehow. A.K.A. I’ll end up burning the water. I’m also chagrined to admit that I have next to no maternal instinct. I don’t really have any excuse, except that babies kind of scare me, and I didn’t really grow up playing with dolls. Don’t get me wrong, though, I did have Barbie’s that I played with, it’s just that my games generally consisted of wars. I have to admit that the opportunities were there for me to learn to be a girly girl; I just wasn’t all that interested. It was just much more exciting to build an airplane or play with animals than it was to learn how to cook. It still is. But I am slowly learning to be (or at least act) girly, to a point, thanks to my friends here in Oregon. I do have a loooong way to go still, but I’m getting a bit better.

Favorite Books: 

ahh... books, the love of my life...

Favorite Music: 

The blessed song of the French Horn... and other classical instruments... And pretty much everything else :P

Marital Status:  Single
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Student

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  Some College
Employment:  Full-time
Siblings:  3
Occupation:  Technical / Science / Engineering
Interests: Faberge anyone?

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  7373
Profile Updated:  11 Apr 2009
Joined:  24 Oct 2007
Total posts:  62 (search topics created)

Engineers, Scientists and Mathematicians
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Krista Lingo

Nathan Dahlin

Lady Rebecca


Elysse Baumbach

Edward DeHaven


Friends Notes:

- Krista Lingo
Thu Nov 26, 09 12:03 pm
As you may have heard I’m competing to have the HIGHEST percentage of friends coming to the 2009 HSA National Reunion which is going to be in Colorado, August 13th -16th …

So, of course…I’m dropping you a little note to encourage you to come to this year’s reunion! I know just a little bit about the weekend…and I can promise that not only will it be worth every penny…you’ll have a blast the entire time!!

See you at the Reunion! Very Happy
- Elysse Baumbach
Tue Jun 02, 09 11:50 pm
hello, i was just passing through and thought i'd leave a note. Very Happy
- Kayla
Tue Mar 24, 09 1:32 pm
thanks, that is sooooo neat!
- JaniceAnne
Sat Feb 21, 09 3:32 pm
Thanks for the add, I left a comment on your blog too. Sorry it took so long before I got on here and approved the request!
God Bless,
- Bryon EL#1
Fri Feb 20, 09 1:57 pm
how did you do the transparent background on your blog page. it is very cool (no pun intended)
- JaniceAnne
Fri Feb 20, 09 1:47 pm
Hi, Laura! Guess what? We’re having a get-together here in Idaho…packed with fun, lots of outdoor stuff (and indoor stuff for those of us who prefer hot chocolate and a warm fireplace) Wink And, of course, plenty of visiting and fellowship! Sure hope to see you there…find out all about it here!
- Elysse Baumbach
Thu Jan 22, 09 6:53 pm
Hey Laura! You are number one today! Just thought I would stop by and say Hello!!
- Brittany G.
Wed Jan 21, 09 1:21 am
Happy New Year's, Laura! That is great news about your interview for border patrol, praise God!

Romans 5:18-30
- Emily Ruth
Wed Dec 31, 08 3:46 pm
Merry Christmas!

Hey, hope you guys have an awesome day! It's our first white Christmas, you know? Mr. Green
- Josh Lingo
Thu Dec 25, 08 10:47 am

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