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32 year old / Female

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Debra My blog

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Homeschool Legacy:  Second Generation HS Parent


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Joined:  17 Jan 2007
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Friends Notes:

Congratulations!!!!!! Very Happy
- Brittany Michelle
Fri Sep 24, 10 4:31 am
I'm on sometimes...
- Robert Szalapski
Mon Jun 21, 10 7:22 am
Hi, Debra,

My sister once began Great Expectations, and didn't enjoy it. However, I have read David Copperfield, Our Mutual Friend, Nicholas Nickelby, and Little Dorrit, and those were all excellent. Very Happy

My favorite author? Tough question! Maybe C.S. Lewis? Smile How about yourself?
- Amiable Amy
Tue Apr 20, 10 4:49 pm
Hi, Debra,

I just read your latest blog entry, and found it quite informative/helpful! Smile We Americans truly are sugar-aholics.

BTW, I noticed that your husband works at a Beechcraft in brother works at a local Beechcraft, as well! Smile

Have you read any other Dickens' novels?
- Amiable Amy
Tue Mar 30, 10 4:42 pm
Hi friend! You're #1 today! Very Happy yay!!
- Kayla(J)G.
Tue Oct 06, 09 7:37 am
Congratulations! Very Happy
- Rowena
Fri Jul 03, 09 11:58 pm

I can't wait to meet him... I am soooo excited!! Very Happy
- Kayla(J)G.
Thu Jul 02, 09 1:52 pm
Hello Debra! Smile I hope you and your family are doing well! How are you doing?
- Annie2035
Thu Jun 18, 09 10:07 am
Hello dear! Smile I haven't been on here in several days, which is why it's five days later when I am responding...
Anywho, summer's going great. I have a job, praise the Lord, working at a local kids' clothing resale shop... They sell gently used or new baby equipment too (slings, swings, bouncy chairs, occasionally highchairs, etc)... So let me know if there's anything you need, especially as time draws near. Very Happy If it's alright with you, I'd love to try to make it up to Wichita before head back to college. Hopefully Baby Worth will be here in less than 30 days. Wink I know you're excited; and I'm excited too!! Very Happy

Calling varies... My boss makes up the schedule for the following week every Friday, and my schedule is never the same. As far as this week goes, I can talk after 5 on Tuesday or Wednesday, before 1:45 on Friday, and after 8:30pm on Saturday. Sundays are always good... Church usually lets out around 12:15/12:30, and my parents and I go back for evening service, which starts at 6:30. So... yeah. Very Happy

Have a great day! Talk to you soon... Miss you much. LYLAS.
- Kayla(J)G.
Mon Jun 08, 09 10:07 am
Hey Debra! How are you?
- Karin
Fri May 15, 09 9:49 am

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