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Occupational Interest Groups: Frequently Asked Questions
Group Discussion Guidelines

Each interest group is defined by a specific focus or interest and the group specific discussion should revolve around that focus. So if you’re starting a topic that might just as well apply to all homeschoolers it’d probably be better to post it in the main forums to let everyone participate.

At this time, the group discussions are focused on facilitating networking between members of the group, so you need to be a member of the group to participate in the group discussions.

The responsibilities of a group moderator include:
  1. Coordinating group activities to fulfill the stated objectives for all groups.
  2. Approving/Denying membership requests based on the established criteria.
  3. Serving as a primary point of contact for the group.

What criteria are considered for starting new groups?

In an effort to develop and preserve a culture of focus and purpose we do not have “just-for-fun” groups found on many social networking sites – our groups are focused on an specific industry or field of pursuit (ministry or occupation) in keeping with the mission of HSA groups.

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