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 Clothing and Fashion

Amanda Kastner Designs: Hint of History - Vintage-inspired patterns for today. Discover the thrill of creating beautiful one-of-a-kind dresses!
13900 Irvine Ave NW   |   Bemidji, MN 56601   |   Phone 2432478

Ancestral Attire - I recreate dress fashions from American history, both men and womens, Specializing in the revolutionary and civil war eras. Also offer experienced advice on reenactors persona and costume.
14 Sycamore Dr.   |   Conway, AR 72032   |   Phone 501.450.6402

MYSFITT - MYSFITT offers a range of lifestyle services-Alterations, Tailoring, Garment Construction, Event Coordination, Event Styling, Image Consulting, Graphic Design, Interior Styling and Hair Design
2900 Baby Ruth Lane #606   |   Antioch, TN 37013   |   Phone 615.589.6856

She Maketh Herself Coverings - Ready-made head veilings, head covering patterns, hair accessories, custom-made skirts and modest clothing
2012 N. 61st Ave   |   Pensacola, FL 32506   |   Phone 850.457.1072

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