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Causes of Rebellion
Did you know that teenage rebellion is preventable? Sure, teens are sinners and are going to sin, just like everyone else. However, ongoing, persistent, deep-seated rebellion is preventable.


Let’s divide teenage rebellion into two kinds—natural...
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The Second Generation Homeschooling Movement

An unprecedented generation of homeschoolers is emerging. Increasingly we are seeing homeschooled graduates who are embarking on the task of educating their own children at home. My wife Brook, and I, are among this new wave of second-generation home educators.

As I have thought back...
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Siblings, Business, and the Homeschooler’s Advantage

"Be nice to your siblings. They're your best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future." 1

As far as sibling relationships go, they don't get any...
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Lessons from a Long Ride: Learning to Persevere

This past fall, my best friend and I had the honor of receiving an award that was marked by perseverance. We won the high point all around award for the Sho-me Horse Show Association. We had accumulated the highest number of points in every discipline as a team. As you might...
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Considering College

"Within the realm of institutional K-12 schooling, college tends to be an assumed destination and the decisions typically revolve around where you should go, rather than if you should go. In home schooling circles, however, the questions seem to center more on whether college is a...
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The 2nd Generation: Fortifying and Advancing
There was a time, up to about 10 years ago, that IF you confessed to home schooling the typical response was "Can you do that?" or "Is that legal?" Today, the typical response is, "My sister homeschools their children" or "We know someone in our church [or...
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A generation of God's people coming of age

The fifth chapter of Joshua describes a generation of God's people coming of age and preparing to do their duty. Does that sound familiar to you? I found several valuable lessons in this passage that I will here share with you. The history of the Old Testament is true and valuable as such. We...
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