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The homeschool movement is coming of age as thousands of graduates emerge each year.

With our formative years having been spent outside the institutions of our contemporaries, we – as homeschool graduates – share a unique outlook on life and a distinct set of opportunities and challenges.

Homeschool ALUMNI exists to encourage and support homeschool alumni as they...
  • Take advantage of their unique opportunities as homeschool graduates to lead lives of purpose and influence.
  • Meet, share ideas, and find community with other alumni.
  • Further the legacy of homeschooling to future generations.
  • Advance the Kingdom of Christ in our families, cultures, churches and governments.
The Alumni Network provides opportunities to connect and forge relationships with fellow alumni. Alumni events and discussion forums give us opportunities to meet, converse and fellowship online and in person.

As a venue and sounding board for the community, we also seek to support, inform, educate and inspire our membership by sharing news, articles, and essays that are specifically relevant to the homeschool alumni community.

Homeschool ALUMNI was founded in 2005 by homeschool graduates, Camden Spiller and Riley Spiller.

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