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2014 National Reunion - Save the Date!

Mon Sep 23, 13 11:48 am

[Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances the official date is changing and will be announced soon - see the next post for details.]

June 11th - 14th, 2014

Pencil it on your calendars!! We'll make an official announcement of date/location when we have everything finalized (in the next couple weeks), but unless something changes beyond our control, those will be the dates!

261 days to go!

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Woo!! If I had a calendar, I would PEN it in. How exciting. Smile
Yoshi Tardie, Wed Sep 25, 13 7:00 pm Post


I wasn't expecting that there'd be a 2014 reunion, so this is really exciting news. If the location is in the southeast or mid-west, I will definitely try to make it. I'll be watching for more details. Very Happy
Rebekah Ann, Thu Sep 26, 13 5:55 pm Post

wow, on top of things this year!
Marlana, Sun Sep 29, 13 1:09 pm Post

Cool! Surprised Razz Maybe I CAN make it still, in late June we have commitments, I'm SOO glad they didn't overlap! Very Happy
Laughing Very Happy
Faith E. Meggs, Mon Sep 30, 13 10:51 am Post

Can't wait to see where it is going to be held! I LOVED the last location. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy 237 days to go!
Megan Kaiser, Thu Oct 17, 13 2:24 am Post

I would love to go to this! Can't wait to see where the location will be!
Hannah, Thu Oct 31, 13 1:16 pm Post

June is alright with me.
Tweedledee, Mon Dec 30, 13 1:29 pm Post

June is alright with me.
Tweedledee, Mon Dec 30, 13 1:30 pm Post
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