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The Return of the Top 5 States Report!

Thu Aug 07, 08 10:11 pm

As of August 5, 2008, the HSA membership roles indicate that the greatest homeschool graduate population concentrations are in the following states:

For a real-time report of the number of homeschoolers in each state see the following: Alumni Network Population Distribution by State

The Top 5 States report has been taking an operational pause, but now that the HSA National Reunion has been successfully accomplished, the Top 5 States reporters again turn their eyes to the ever-growing membership roles on and discover some intriguing developments... Cool

While the Top 5 positions have remained steady since June 2008, Tennessee (#5) now has more than it's old rival Colorado (#7) breathing down its neck with hungry eyes on the #5 space! For the first time in the history of the Top 5 States reports, Ohio (#6) has become a major contender for the #5 position and has Colorado (#7) in a deadlock at 131 graduates each. With only a 2-graduate lead, Tennessee (#5) had better watch its back!

Michigan (#10) is making its own waves this month, by becoming the 10th state to join the 100+ Club with its recent. Hearty congratulations to the home of the Wolverines!

Be sure to turn up here next month to discover whether Tennessee (#5) be able to keep TWO states at bay. Will California (#3) ever find the spunk to climb over Texas (#2) and regain its former position? Who will win the Gold Medal for most graduates recruited in the month of August?

Check back for all these answers and more in next month's Top Five Report. Until then, go tell the homeschool graduates in your area about HSA. We hope to see your state next in the Top 5. Very Happy

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Oh, wouldn't it be cool if we could keep a tally of international HSA members in Canada, Scotland, Germany, Brazil, etc? Right now there's no way to do it, unfortunately. Sad
Emilie C., Thu Aug 21, 08 3:16 pm Post

Wow!! Way to go Ohio!
Camden Spiller, Fri Aug 22, 08 7:07 am Post
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