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Emilie C., Communications Director

Thu Jun 05, 08 12:33 pm

Over the past couple years, Emilie C. has worn many hats within the Homeschool ALUMNI community, from staff-writer to Communications Director for the Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion, and even organizer of the Cheerful Hearts Club. Whatever is going on, Emilie's contribution has been invaluable and much appreciated.

We are excited to announce that her several responsibilities have been combined under one job description as the Communications Director for Homeschool ALUMNI.

In this role, she will serve as the official spokesperson for Homeschool ALUMNI events and projects as well as the general point of contact for Alumni Network members and the general public.

Already, Emilie currently maintains several areas of content on the website including the National Reunion blog, the Alumni Spotlight blog, and is a regular contributor to the Official Homeschool ALUMNI blog.

We are grateful for her willingness to take on this new role!

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Hurrah for Emilie! Wow, official spokesperson for HSA! You'll do a great job, as always.
Claire Elaine, Fri Jun 06, 08 4:43 pm Post

Congrats Emilie, thanks for all you do and the encouragement you give out at HSA!
Ben Trute, Sat Jun 14, 08 6:16 pm Post
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