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2011 National Reunion - Announcement Coming Soon!

Sat Jan 08, 11 10:29 pm

Have you seen the latest news on the home page yet?

With the holidays behind us, we're kicking into high gear for the 2011 National Reunion! We hope you're as excited as we are!

We needed to change the date from our initial plan (though not by much) so stay tuned for the new date and location announcement!

Want to get the inside scoop before the announcement goes public? Sign up here to be the first to know.

Looking forward to seeing you at the 2011 Homeschool Alumni National Reunion!

Camden Spiller
Founder / Director
Homeschool ALUMNI

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Great! Looking forward to this!
Daniel Gardner, Tue Jan 11, 11 2:09 pm Post

Don't tease us. Very Happy Tell us. Laughing
Kerry Haney OFC, Wed Jan 12, 11 10:45 am Post

Here here! So excited to hear where it will be!!
GoodgirlAllison, Thu Jan 13, 11 1:38 pm Post

Yay!! Can't wait! Very Happy
Alicia, Sat Jan 15, 11 11:49 am Post
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