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Top 5 States: Virgina makes the cut!

Wed Apr 11, 07 11:12 pm

It's that time again - time for the April edition of "let's look at the Alumni Network Population Distribution by State! Smile

In a surprise move Virgina beat out Tennessee for the #5 spot in here in April! But can it hold on to it 'till next month? It's hard to say. Tennessee, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas and Oregon are all contenders next months spot #5 - each trailing Virgina by less than 10 graduates!

Top 5 States by Homeschool Alumni Population Count:
#1 MO (Same)
#2 CA (Same)
#3 TX (Same)
#4 IL (Same)
#5 VA (Up)

In other news, Maine and North Dakota both graduated from the "less than 5 graduates reporting in" category leaving Wyoming, South Dakota, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Rhode Island, Montana, Utah, Hawaii, Nevada, Puerto Rico, and Delaware to climb out of the dregs of underrepresentation.

Keep spreading the word and stay tuned for another report in May.

This report has been brought to you by... way too many hours on a road trip with nothing more than sports radio on the air Rolling Eyes

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Yay, my efforts were not in vain after all. Razz Thanks for the report Riley. Hehe, yeah sports radio isn't near as interesting as HSA. Laughing
AlysonB, Thu Apr 12, 07 6:16 am Post

Go Colorado! Cool
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Thu Apr 12, 07 6:49 am Post

I am seeing so many people from Oregon. How did that happen? I remember when we only had 2 lol.
Emerson Spiller, Thu Apr 12, 07 10:30 am Post

Cool. I didn't realize California passed up Texas. As long as Missouri is always at the top I'll be happy. Wink

I wish there was a total of all the numbers on the map so we could know how many out of the 1916 members are on the map. I wonder what would happen if everyone entered their zip code?
Amber the twin, Thu Apr 12, 07 11:44 am Post

I hope to move Tennessee up after I move there. The college has a high number of Homeschool Alumni and I want to post flyers around campus!
Bryon EL#1, Thu Apr 12, 07 12:49 pm Post

I can't believe that Tennessee got kicked out of number 5 that is so sad!! Crying or Very sad I've been trying so hard to get people to join, the only ones that will are from out of state so that dose not help Tennessee much!!
Bryan, I hope your moving to Tennessee soon.. SO you can start passing out those flyers on campus!! Laughing
Lizzy, Sat Apr 28, 07 10:32 pm Post
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