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Top 5 States: MO, CA, TX, IL, and TN

Thu Mar 08, 07 1:27 am

The results are in!

As of March 1, 2007 the HSA membership roles indicate that the greatest homeschool graduate population concentrations in these states: #1 Missouri, #2 California, #3 Texas, #4 Illinois, and #5 Tennessee.

For a real-time report of the number of homeschoolers in each state see the following:
Alumni Network Population Distribution by State

Every state in the Union (and Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.) is represented on HSA, but population numbers are sure to change as graduates continue to grow surface at an ever increasing rate.

Will any state rival Missouri (which currently holds almost 2X the next leading state)? Will Texas (trailing by only a dozen graduates) beat out California? Will any of these states graduate from the "less than 5 graduates" status?: Maine, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Rhode Island, Montana, Utah, Hawaii, Nevada, Puerto Rico, or Delaware. The demographics are shifting as word of mouth continues to spread. Keep spreading the word and stay tuned for another report in April.

These statistics are generated based on the mailing address zip code in your profile, so if you've yet to fill in that field on your profile, go-ahead and fill it out now to represent your state!

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Wow! TN in the top five!

Thanks for putting the map together, guys! Very Happy
bye, Thu Mar 08, 07 12:12 pm Post

Yay, all that hard paid off. *wipes brow* Very Happy Embarassed MO is #1!!!!! Probably not forever, but at least it was once.
AlysonB, Thu Mar 08, 07 2:16 pm Post

May one great state take over MO's place of honor. Razz
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Thu Mar 08, 07 5:29 pm Post

Haha... yeah, MO is where it's at Mr. Green ... at least for now Wink

I'm really glad to see things picking up on the West Coast and South East though!

Thanks BG! TN is just barely in there though... a few more folks from Virginia or Colorado could change up the line up! Shocked
Camden Spiller, Thu Mar 08, 07 5:38 pm Post

Sweet! MO still keeps it's No. 1 Spot! Cool

I am actually a bit surprised that Cali is beating Texas- My guess is it would have been right behind Missouri. But it will definitely be cool to see if it's changed any by April. Razz
Bradi, Thu Mar 08, 07 5:52 pm Post

Yeah! We're #4! Go Illinois!! Cool
Samuel Harris, Fri Mar 09, 07 6:52 pm Post

Nice job on the map! Tennessee needs a little booster to stay in the top 5 I guess. I'll see if I can find any volunteers Very Happy
Phillip Sullivan, Mon Mar 12, 07 8:40 am Post

My brother just moved from CA to TX, so he's now aiding the enemy. Confused Shocked Laughing j/k

I haven't done any recruiting yet - I guess I should get on it if we're to stay in the #2 spot! I know a gazillion CA homeschool alumni who aren't on here...
Shawni, Mon Mar 12, 07 11:01 am Post

Yeah, you have to understand that there are a ton of homeschoolers in CA because our regular schools are so bad. Shocked At one point, I think I read that CA had around half of all the homeschool students in the US. But I know that's changed now.
Evan Pederson, Tue Apr 03, 07 6:00 am Post

Go Cali for # 2 I would have never thought!!!!!
I'm so proud to be a claifornian:-)
Emily loves you, Tue Apr 10, 07 11:45 am Post
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