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Crisis Pregnancy Center/Pro-Life Workers Group

Tue Mar 06, 07 2:00 am

We're very pleased to announce a new occupational interest group!

If you're a homeschool graduate who works with a crisis pregnancy center or pro-life organization be sure to check it out and join today!

Crisis Pregnancy Center/Pro-Life Workers Group

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I saw that and thought it was a great addition. Keep up the good work.
AlysonB, Tue Mar 06, 07 8:10 am Post

I'm there! Thanks to Linds for inquiring about this type of group! I look forward to wonderful discussions in there.

micalamerryCHRISTmas, Tue Mar 06, 07 3:21 pm Post

Cool! Very Happy
Liz Hannah, Tue Mar 06, 07 3:54 pm Post

Glad to see this group getting started too Very Happy
Elysse Baumbach, Thu Mar 08, 07 12:25 am Post

Anonymous (Kim), Fri Mar 09, 07 11:47 am Post

hey, that's great I'll tell my wife about it. She volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center.
Alpha Victor, Sat Mar 10, 07 12:35 am Post
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