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Alumni Map (they're everywhere!)

Thu Feb 01, 07 6:23 pm

Facilitating community on the local level; that's one of the initiatives we're working on in 2007.

Just like the initiative we began in 2005 to bring graduates together from across the country (and around the world), the first step will be to help graduates find one another.

We often hear that homeschool graduates are surprised to find that there are other graduates – who they would’ve otherwise never met - living in very close proximity, sometimes literally right around the corner.

One tool we’re going to start providing to help graduates connect locally is the new Alumni Map. You now can use it to zoom in and connect with other homeschool graduates right there in your neck of the woods!

Thanks to Samuel Harris for the initial help with the integration with the Google Earth/Google Maps system!

We care deeply about privacy concerns and realize that some folks may not want a mark on the map, and that’s okay. Listing yourself on the map is entirely optional, but open to any Alumni Network Member 18 years age and older.

FAQ: How do I put myself on the Alumni Map?

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Now that is cool!!!!

I think Riley's pin is a little off Very Happy
Angela the twin, Thu Feb 01, 07 7:19 pm Post

Great work. Yay!!!!
AlysonB, Thu Feb 01, 07 7:22 pm Post

very neat. will there be a button for this somewhere?
MaryM, Thu Feb 01, 07 8:05 pm Post

Emerson Spiller, Thu Feb 01, 07 8:31 pm Post

Yay!! Thanks for all the hard work!
Heather L., Thu Feb 01, 07 11:06 pm Post

That's so awesome! Very Happy Haha, I get the be the first Texan on the map. Cool Mr. Green
Lindsay, Fri Feb 02, 07 1:01 am Post

Technically camden was the first Texan on the map Wink
Emerson Spiller, Fri Feb 02, 07 1:59 pm Post

You're welcome! I hope everyone has fun using this. Very Happy
Samuel Harris, Tue Feb 06, 07 8:51 pm Post
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