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HSA to be featured on National Radio

Tue Jan 02, 07 5:11 pm

On January 22 26, 2007. Homeschool ALUMNI will be featured on Homeschool Heartbeat ( To find the station listing in your area, visit:

Homeschool Heartbeat is the daily radio broadcast of Homeschool Legal Defense Association. During this weeklong broadcast, Homeschool ALUMNI founder, Camden Spiller joins HLSDA president, Mike Smith to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and perspectives of homeschool graduates.

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Wow. Shocked That's exciting! Very Happy
PamelaVV, Tue Jan 02, 07 5:25 pm Post

That's awesome! I'm so excited! How did this opportunity come up?
AmbahVV, Tue Jan 02, 07 5:50 pm Post

Oh cool! That is exciting! Very Happy
Lindsay, Tue Jan 02, 07 5:55 pm Post

Ah, thanks for letting us know; can't wait to hear it. Wink
AlysonB, Tue Jan 02, 07 6:20 pm Post

That's awesome news! Go get 'em, Camden! Very Happy
Emilie C., Tue Jan 02, 07 7:54 pm Post

listen online or read the transcripts!
MaryM, Tue Jan 02, 07 8:25 pm Post

Sweet! Very Happy This is really exciting!
Bradi, Tue Jan 02, 07 9:13 pm Post


To answer your question, a friend of HSA put a good word in for us. Smile
Heather L., Wed Jan 03, 07 11:14 am Post

How cool! That'll be really neat to listen to! Very Happy
Hannah .Michelle., Wed Jan 03, 07 11:03 pm Post

Awesome! Way to get started "reaching out"!
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Fri Jan 05, 07 5:38 pm Post
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