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Welcome to the HSA Update!

Fri Dec 29, 06 8:00 am

Welcome to The HSA Update – your home for official HSA buzz (news, announcements, etc.)

Many of our active members currently keep up to date with HSA news and announcements through the discussion forums, but for those who don't check in so often (and even for those who do) this blog will be a quick and easy place to catch up on the latest news. Among other things, you can expect to find announcements of major HSA events (like the '07 National Reunion and the '07 European Tour), outreach/support projects, new features and improvements in the technical functioning of the alumni network, new t-shirts (yes – they’re coming!), calls for volunteer support, and opportunities to become more involved in the HSA community.

Thanks for being here and thanks for reading!

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Sweet! Very Happy This is awesome- I'm looking forword to seeing more here. Wink
Bradi, Fri Dec 29, 06 10:26 am Post

Fun stuff! I'm glad to see the HSA blog up and running and I'm looking forward to hearing all the news. Smile
PamelaVV, Fri Dec 29, 06 1:09 pm Post

Looks wonderful!
micalamerryCHRISTmas, Fri Dec 29, 06 6:29 pm Post

:reading: Wink
Zack Reynolds, Fri Dec 29, 06 8:06 pm Post

Great! I want a t-shirt! Mr. Green I'm looking forward to reading the updates! Very Happy
Lindsay, Fri Dec 29, 06 8:22 pm Post
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