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The National Reunion in 2015... ?

Wed Jan 28, 15 11:46 pm

After much consideration, it appears that we're not going to be able to host an officially sponsored National Reunion in 2015.

Several factors have conspired to lead us to this conclusion, but mostly it's just the personal situation that we (Camden and Sarah) are finding ourselves in with respect to limited time and monies. Even with an army of volunteers, the Reunion requires quite a bit of both time and money that we just don't have to give this year.

After a rather challenging year in 2014, we began 2015 with the unexpected surprise of Camden being laid off from his employer of 17 years after the company was bought out by an investment group. It was a fairly unexpected turn of events. And while we're confident that Lord will provide (and is already providing) new business opportunities for us, we know that the changes will likely preclude us from organizing the National Reunion in 2015.

Our desire and commitment to continue serving the HSA community has not diminished, but we know that this what we need to do.

So... we wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible, so as to give you maximum opportunity to plan your summer. In lue of an officially sponsored/organized national event this year, we would very much love to put our resources to work to promote community organized events.

Face-to-face events are the life-blood of this community and in some ways community-organized events are even more effective toward that our goal of building community. So while we do regret that we can't host the National Reunion this year, we do sincerely want to encourage you to organize you own events, post them here, and we'll do everything we can to help you spread the word.

Camden & Sarah

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