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2014 National Reunion - Save the Date!

Mon Sep 23, 13 11:48 am

[Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances the official date is changing and will be announced soon - see the next post for details.]

June 11th - 14th, 2014

Pencil it on your calendars!! We'll make an official announcement of date/location when we have everything finalized (in the next couple weeks), but unless something changes beyond our control, those will be the dates!

261 days to go!

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I can't wait--I'm hoping things will work out for me to attend next year. The one this year was so incredible for me, and I'm really praying I'll get to go! Smile Thank you guys so much for putting these together!
A. B., Mon Sep 23, 13 3:46 pm Post

Awesome! Thanks for announcing it this early. I should be able to go this time around.
Just Sarah, Mon Sep 23, 13 8:13 pm Post

You are so on top of it! Very Happy
Amiable Amy, Mon Sep 23, 13 8:37 pm Post

I will be marking my calendar and see how the Lord works this out.
Rachel Keeth, Mon Sep 23, 13 8:39 pm Post

Yeah! So excited, let the countdown begin!
Rebecca Theall Tero, Mon Sep 23, 13 8:40 pm Post

Yes, yes, yes!!!! Hurray!!!
Noelle Magnell, Tue Sep 24, 13 11:57 am Post

I can't wait! Making sure those dates get saved on the calendar! Very Happy
Lady Amanda (CH), Tue Sep 24, 13 12:39 pm Post

*SHRIEK OF EXCITEMENT!!!!* I'm markin' the calender! Soooo hoping I can make it!
Hayle Daye, Tue Sep 24, 13 3:48 pm Post

I can't wait. I get to bid on PTO for next year in about a week. This is the first thing I will be looking for to get off.
Joshua Kaiser, Tue Sep 24, 13 10:27 pm Post

WOOT WOOT!!!!! Here's praying to God lining up everything so we can go again. Very Happy 261 days...
Megan Kaiser, Tue Sep 24, 13 11:37 pm Post
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