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Early-rates extended. Gal's bunkhouse full. Need more guys!

Tue Aug 06, 13 1:25 pm

It's shaping up to be a great Reunion! The girls bunkhouse is sold out, but we've still got room in the guys bunkhouse and in both the guys and gals wings of the lodge - and there are only 19 days left to register so don't miss it!

It's looking like we're going to be able to extend the early-registration rates for at least another week, so that's another incentive to register if you're still trying to decide.

Guys are always the last to register, but right now the gals are outnumbering the guys by a fair margin... so spread the word and invite as many guys as you can! We understand school and work schedules are always a challenge, but the Reunion is a one-of-kind event you will not want to miss. You can go to any number of seminars or conferences, but where can you go to find real community with people who share your formative values and experiences? That's the heart of what the Reunion is about.

Why do you think it is that the guys are always the last to register? Are they scared of homeschoolers in general, and women-folk more specifically? What can we do to get more guys on board?

See you soon!


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It's on the other side of the country, meaning an expensive plane ticket and other travel expenses. I've been working a lot of overtime at work, taking time off to go would mean losing out on several hundred dollars extra in the paycheck, plus eating up several days of built up leave that I have. Also, seminars aren't really my thing, never have been, and I've never danced in my life Smile
Dave Patrick, Tue Aug 06, 13 3:42 pm Post
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