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Conference call for first-time reunion goers!

Tue Jul 30, 13 7:35 pm

Are you a potential first-time Reunion goer? You're thinking about attending the Homeschool Alumni National Reunion, (or your kids want to go) but you're unsure for whatever reason? Have some lingering questions or just want to talk to some people who've been?

Well... I know what you mean. Homeschoolers, after all, can be weird and awkward, so I wouldn't blame you if you have some reservations. That being said, this is going to be a wonderful event and we want to get as many first-timers out there as possible.

So if you need some convincing or are just curious and have some questions, we've decided to set up a series of conference calls for the curious potential first-time reunion-goer such as yourself.

It's a 30 minute conference call where you (up to 10 people per conference call) can call in and ask questions and hear some live discussion about the National Reunion from yours truly and then have some brief Q&A.

Sound like fun? Want to join the call? Don't be scared. Send me a message or reply to this blog post and we'll send you an invite to the call.

Camden Spiller
Twitter: HSAlumni

P.S. These will be scheduled for several weekday evenings over the next couple weeks or until the Reunion sells out.

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