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The National Reunion Mini-Site is Launched!

Sat Jun 22, 13 8:52 am

For all the details on the 2013 Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion, check out the brand new HSA Reunion mini-site!

We will be adding more info soon, so stay tuned for those exciting announcements as they come! In the meantime, leave a comment here and let us know how you like the new Reunion site.

See ya at the Reunion!


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It's quite nice. Cool

Looking forward to some grand fellowship and fun!
Amiable Amy, Sat Jun 22, 13 10:18 am Post

Looks great.......don't think we can make it, but would so love to.
AlysonB, Sat Jun 22, 13 8:55 pm Post

Can't wait to come, hopefully finances will allow! I met my hubby here on here on HSA almost 3 years ago - so I cannot wait for the chance to fellowship with other fellow alumni! Very Happy Cool The site looks awesome! Very Happy
Megan Kaiser, Sun Jun 23, 13 4:19 pm Post

I can't wait to come with my Wife Megan. Like she said we met on HSA and I'm looking so forward to coming to this year's reunion. Let me know if you need any help.
Joshua Kaiser, Sun Jun 23, 13 8:20 pm Post

Looks flashy! Hope the registration etc. is up soon.

I shared the reg. page on my facebook - the rest of you might consider doing that!

Camden, I first clicked the "facebook" link on the reg. page to share it, but that only linked to the hsa page. It might be good if there was a facebook event or a way to "like" the registration website.
Noelle Magnell, Tue Jun 25, 13 9:30 am Post
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