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National Reunion comes to Pacific Northwest!

Tue May 28, 13 10:50 pm

Follow the Willamette River south from Portland, through the beautiful Willamette Valley and in about an hour you'll be round about Salem, Oregon; host to the 2013 Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion!

September 4-7th

Stay tuned for more information... and keep in mind that we'll soon be looking for team leaders and lots of other jobs - so drop me a line if you're interested in volunteering!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Oh... and the official map, of course:

Camden Spiller, Wed May 29, 13 12:02 am Post

I knew it. Mr. Green

Volunteering? Pretty please! Cool
Amiable Amy, Wed May 29, 13 6:19 am Post

I'll walk there. Wink
Johan, Wed May 29, 13 6:25 am Post

What is that map from? Like Oregon Trail 2? Ours was OT5 and the graphics were EPIC.
Ame, Wed May 29, 13 11:17 am Post

Lol@ Johan
MissShiloh, Wed May 29, 13 1:09 pm Post

Man, just one state away, and it is at the worst possible time for my job, since we have a huge change happening that week that I have to be there for. Bummer.
Rose, Wed May 29, 13 1:21 pm Post

YES! We live about five hours away, so this is totally doable. I'm interested to know how it works to just come for a day, rather than the whole time. (We have two littles and a job and a life and whatnot.Wink)
DERP, Wed May 29, 13 4:12 pm Post

I will check with my Wife Megan but we should be able to volunteer. So excited about this.
Joshua Kaiser, Wed May 29, 13 5:04 pm Post

Totally Epic Map lol
Alex Reynolds, Wed May 29, 13 8:35 pm Post

I'm really looking forward to it! The Willamette Valley is beautiful and the weather is usually great around here in September. I am close by and would like to help out wherever possible.
Craig H, Wed May 29, 13 10:18 pm Post
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