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Save the Date! Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion 2013

Tue Apr 23, 13 8:31 am

At long last, we've confirmed a date for the 2013 National Reunion!

September 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th!

Location to be announced shortly!

More to come...

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This is very exciting! Very Happy

My best guess: Illinois.
Amiable Amy, Tue Apr 23, 13 11:33 am Post

Ooh...the anticipation!! Smile
Sydney Marie, Tue Apr 23, 13 11:46 am Post

At last!!! Here I was thinking we wouldn't have one! Marking my calendar! Very Happy
Lady Amanda (CH), Tue Apr 23, 13 4:33 pm Post

I'm thrilled on the one hand that you're having one, and sad for the people who can't make it due to school. I will have a new job, and may find it hard to get vacation then, not to mention some other commitments, but yay for having one at all - hopefully I can make at least part. Smile
Olivia Fletcher, Tue Apr 23, 13 11:21 pm Post

Yeah!!!! I'm sooooooo excited!
Rebecca Theall Tero, Wed Apr 24, 13 5:13 am Post

I hope it is in Illinois although I probably won't be able to make it anyway due to classes (unless it's close enough to do both). We'll just have to wait and see.
Josh Jenkins, Wed Apr 24, 13 12:56 pm Post

Great News! Looking forward to hearing more. Hope I can come!! Very Happy
Roger, Wed Apr 24, 13 8:55 pm Post

Yay!!! I hope I can come to it!!
Emily Rose, Thu Apr 25, 13 6:14 am Post

I hope it is centralized enough that I can make it!!!
Ashton S, Thu Apr 25, 13 7:22 am Post

We did East last time (North Carolina), so think West this time Smile

More to come as soon as we can...
Camden Spiller, Thu Apr 25, 13 3:09 pm Post
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