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National Reunion Update

Mon May 28, 12 11:30 am

The National Reunion is unique event, and finding a host facility has always been a challenge... but even more so this year.

We've been in discussions with a several potential facilities to host the National Reunion this year, and unfortunately, we've struggled to find one with the right mix of features, pricing and -- more often the case this year -- summertime availability.

The Reunion is one of the personal highlights of my year, so I'm sad to've had to make this call, but at this point we feel like we need to invest all our energies in to 2013 and forgo the prospect of what could only be, at this point, a last-minute scramble.

If you're like me, you're probably pretty bummed about it, but we really appreciate ya'lls friendship, support, prayer, and understanding for everything it takes pull this event together.

Since we took the year off in 2010 and kind of started this every-other-year thing, some of the feedback we've received actually indicates that people would be more interested in a a big National Reunion every-other-year, so as to give more opportunity for people to put together informal, member-organized, regional/local get togethers in the off years.

What do you think of this? Do you prefer the every-other-year approach or, if we could pull it off, would you prefer to have the National Reunion every year?

Either way, I hope you're not overly disappointed and can share our excitement as we shift focus on preparing for the 2013 Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion. My goal is for us to have a date and location announced this fall so we can give everyone plenty of time to plan ahead.

I hope personally be able to get around to at least a few of the regional/local events myself this summer, so I hope to see you there!

Camden Spiller
Founder / Director,
Homeschool ALUMNI

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Kind of sad, but since we missed the last one and life went on, I guess we will make it. I love the reunions though. Yet, we probably couldn't make it this year, since we are having a baby, and in a slightly high risk category where my Dr doesn't want me traveling much.

I also know how much work it is to plan, so maybe a every other year model is a good idea?

Oh and Allison, if you are in hygiene school, it is totally worth it....and maybe you could still come.
AlysonB, Tue May 29, 12 11:13 pm Post

One part of me says everey year and another says every other year. I can see advantages to both. In the end, I would support whatever works and do my best to attend.
Kerry Haney OFC, Wed May 30, 12 7:41 am Post

I think every other year is better for the people putting it together. For those attending, take someone like me. This year I'm in the states in the summer. IT could be three or four more summers before I'm in the states during the summer. The more frequent the reunions, the greater chance I have of making one. There's probably a lot of people in that boat. But I still think every other year is better for you guys.
Marlana, Wed May 30, 12 10:49 am Post

Hey, I agree with the decision to wait. It's better to plan things out right than to rush in at the last minute. I'd like to go to one of the events someday - it sounds like fun!
w84god, Tue Sep 04, 12 7:14 am Post

I think it's a good idea to wait longer & plan things better. I hope to attend one sometime, they sound like alot of fun!
Rachel, Sun Oct 07, 12 7:23 pm Post

I hope to be able to join you all at the national reunion sometime! I can certainly understand wanting to go every other year though, as it certainly does take a lot of time and effort to pull something like that off... In the mean time, I would recommend you all attend your state's HS convention, as that is also an excellent way to meet others with like opinoins. Our state's convention has almost become a reunion of sorts, and many of our HS graduates still attend just to get together with friends... Smile
Just my $.02 worth...
Andrew B.
Mr. Fixit, Sun Dec 16, 12 1:31 pm Post

So it's almost 2013 and I've heard nothing about a Reunion this year. I heard a rumor that something was posted saying there wasn't going to be one after all but I can't find such a post! Can someone fill me in? And I would recommend some kind of blog post with an update of some sort for the thousands of people wondering!


Beth, Tue Dec 18, 12 8:15 am Post

I'm good with every other year, but what would make it much easier no matter what the ultimate decision, is if the reunion were more centralized in the country. If it is too far on either coast like the 2011 reunion I probably wouldn't be able to make it.
Ashton S, Fri Jan 11, 13 8:40 am Post
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