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National Reunion Update

Mon May 28, 12 11:30 am

The National Reunion is unique event, and finding a host facility has always been a challenge... but even more so this year.

We've been in discussions with a several potential facilities to host the National Reunion this year, and unfortunately, we've struggled to find one with the right mix of features, pricing and -- more often the case this year -- summertime availability.

The Reunion is one of the personal highlights of my year, so I'm sad to've had to make this call, but at this point we feel like we need to invest all our energies in to 2013 and forgo the prospect of what could only be, at this point, a last-minute scramble.

If you're like me, you're probably pretty bummed about it, but we really appreciate ya'lls friendship, support, prayer, and understanding for everything it takes pull this event together.

Since we took the year off in 2010 and kind of started this every-other-year thing, some of the feedback we've received actually indicates that people would be more interested in a a big National Reunion every-other-year, so as to give more opportunity for people to put together informal, member-organized, regional/local get togethers in the off years.

What do you think of this? Do you prefer the every-other-year approach or, if we could pull it off, would you prefer to have the National Reunion every year?

Either way, I hope you're not overly disappointed and can share our excitement as we shift focus on preparing for the 2013 Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion. My goal is for us to have a date and location announced this fall so we can give everyone plenty of time to plan ahead.

I hope personally be able to get around to at least a few of the regional/local events myself this summer, so I hope to see you there!

Camden Spiller
Founder / Director,
Homeschool ALUMNI

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Since I noticed you had taken 2010 off, I was actually expecting the process to repeat. I have no doubt that putting together an event of this scale is a huge undertaking!
So I was pleasantly surprised and excited to learn of plans for one this year.
I completely understand putting the reunion off for next year and I look forward to attending in 2013! Very Happy
Lady Amanda (CH), Mon May 28, 12 12:42 pm Post

I wouldn't have been able to make it this year.
Dave Patrick, Mon May 28, 12 12:53 pm Post

"Informal, member-organized, regional/local get togethers" still sound like a whole lot of fun. Very Happy
Brent Hitchcock, Mon May 28, 12 1:05 pm Post

I have never been to a reunion, but they sound fun! Every other year sounds like a great idea!! I hope I can someday make it to one! Very Happy
Aj, Mon May 28, 12 2:44 pm Post

Every other year sounds fine to me, because I probably would not have been able to have made it this year anyways. Smile
Lidia Maxine, Mon May 28, 12 2:52 pm Post

If doing it every other year means it will be as well organized and awesome as it was in 2011 then I'm all for it Smile
David B, Mon May 28, 12 3:44 pm Post

I'd like to put in an early vote for Colorado for 2013! Wink
Lindsay, Mon May 28, 12 6:57 pm Post

I support an every other year model. I think it is healthier all around, giving you guys some time to breathe and local events, an opportunity to flourish.
Daniel Kane, Mon May 28, 12 7:31 pm Post

Anyone want to help me plan one in Virginia this year?? Let me know when would be the best time!!
Brother David, Mon May 28, 12 7:43 pm Post

I can understand that, though it's slightly disappointing, I couldn't make it last year and hoped to come this year! But I guess I'll just wait for next year! Smile
Christina B., Mon May 28, 12 7:58 pm Post
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