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National Reunion Update - your input needed!

Wed Jan 18, 12 12:15 am

We're working to finalize arrangements for the host 2012 facility this year (location yet to be announced), and there's something we'd like your feedback on...

As you know, we go to great lengths to keep the cost of the event as low as possible, and one of the greatest expenses is the venue itself.

Summer weekends are prime-season for reserving retreat and conference centers, so one option that's surfaced this year is the option of having the event midweek; Tuesday thru Friday instead of the traditional Thursday thru Sunday.

Depending on the facility we choose, a midweek schedule could reduce registration costs by 25-30%.

Homeschooler's like to save money, so the midweek option is compelling, but on the other hand, it would require everyone to take a couple more days off of work, school, etc., so we wanted to reach out to you for your input.

What do you think?

Are you thinking about coming to the 2012 National Reunion?

If so, would a ~25% reduction in cost with a mid-week schedule increase or decrease your likelihood of attending?

Update: We've added a handy little poll option here - please vote, but also weigh in with your comments in reply - it's always good to hear what you're thinking!

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it would work for me either way. I more then likely will be there either way Very Happy Rolling Eyes Wink Crying or Very sad Mad Laughing Surprised Very Happy
HENRY Trujillo, Fri Feb 17, 12 8:58 pm Post

Mid-week would work best for me if I were able to attend. I agree with the others, though- Location would be the make-or-break factor. I would hope that the reunion would be fairly centrally located.
KallyLyn, Wed Feb 29, 12 9:47 pm Post

Either works for me, but I'm hoping it will be more centrally located too! Please?! Like Mid-West? Smile
Betsy, Fri Mar 02, 12 1:50 pm Post

Mid-week would definitely work better for Nate and I if we were able to come. We work weekends, and trying to get a weekend off during the Summer would be difficult.

For us the factor is more location though than anything else.
Micala, Sun Mar 04, 12 5:02 am Post

Honestly I can go either way. I just want there to be an HSA Reunion this year!!!!! Very Happy Wink Very Happy Wink Very Happy Wink Very Happy Wink Very Happy
Rita Joy, Mon Mar 05, 12 8:42 pm Post

Mid-week would be great if it would lower the cost of the trip! Smile I have my own hours so I can work on the weekend or through the week. I'm for cutting off cost by doing it through the week for sure. Very Happy I think you should go with what the majority wants for sure here though. Wink I would, however, like to know when it's going to be very soon because I have knife shows, engraving classes and all kinds of things coming up on my calender and if I don't get a date for this soon the chance of me coming goes down because of other things planned. Let us know when and where please! Also it would be a good idea for next year to have an announcement at the 2012 Reunion of where and when it will be for the 2013 Reunion. That way people can start planning to be there and spread the word about it. Smile If you wait until only a few months before to announce where and when to have it you are cutting down the number of people who will be able to come and you have lost momentum from the previous year. You've got to keep the ball rolling and letting us know a when and where a year ahead of time at the Reunion while we are all there together would do so. I know it's a planning disaster to even try and think about next year now but if you want it to grow then I think that's one thing that could help. Or you could keep letting people know on short notice and keep the crowd smaller, it's all up to you and how you want to run your get-together and how big you want it. These are just some of my thoughts about it and you certainly don't need to follow them. Please do not take what I've said here in the wrong way at all. I am only giving my opinion on what I think would be really good for future HSA Reunions. Smile
Kyle Royer, Tue Mar 06, 12 9:57 am Post

Mid-week would be fine for me, especially if it lowers the costs. Smile Although distance is a bigger issue first. Thanks for working to keep it cheaper for us!
Sydney Marie, Fri Mar 23, 12 6:59 pm Post

I'm coming lol. doesnt make a difference.
Phillip Trujillo, Wed Mar 28, 12 11:59 am Post

Ether one is fine. Itís the location that really matters. It would be pretty much a (go-or-no go situation) depending where it is located. Hopefully/maybe itíll be centrally located? Smile
Delete Account, Tue Apr 03, 12 1:28 pm Post

So what's the verdict? I really, really want to go but I haven't heard any more news. Anybody else?
Ashton S, Wed Apr 04, 12 2:41 pm Post
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