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National Reunion Update - your input needed!

Wed Jan 18, 12 12:15 am

We're working to finalize arrangements for the host 2012 facility this year (location yet to be announced), and there's something we'd like your feedback on...

As you know, we go to great lengths to keep the cost of the event as low as possible, and one of the greatest expenses is the venue itself.

Summer weekends are prime-season for reserving retreat and conference centers, so one option that's surfaced this year is the option of having the event midweek; Tuesday thru Friday instead of the traditional Thursday thru Sunday.

Depending on the facility we choose, a midweek schedule could reduce registration costs by 25-30%.

Homeschooler's like to save money, so the midweek option is compelling, but on the other hand, it would require everyone to take a couple more days off of work, school, etc., so we wanted to reach out to you for your input.

What do you think?

Are you thinking about coming to the 2012 National Reunion?

If so, would a ~25% reduction in cost with a mid-week schedule increase or decrease your likelihood of attending?

Update: We've added a handy little poll option here - please vote, but also weigh in with your comments in reply - it's always good to hear what you're thinking!

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During the summer my work schedule is flexible, so I'm fine with whatever option gives us the highest attendance. My sister liked the weekend option because of the lower cost.
Rebecca Theall Tero, Mon Jan 23, 12 6:36 am Post

Mid-week makes it hard to take off... weekend is better, though I know that makes booking things harder.
Anna Wolfe, Thu Jan 26, 12 3:17 pm Post

I changed my mind since I last wrote as the first commenter, after discussing this with a friend, and thinking over it more. Smile

I think it'd still be good to shoot for a weekend - I agree with Elijah that we don't want to *further* decrease the likelihood of guys attending, and I think you keep the costs very reasonable.

It would be great if we could have a more central location to cut on costs, much as I loved SC/NC last year.
Olivia Fletcher, Fri Jan 27, 12 1:14 am Post

Yes, the men are a hot and dwindling commodity and I think you will notice it more if the reunion is on a weekday.
Daniel Kane, Tue Feb 07, 12 9:31 am Post

Weekends are at a premium for us at work . . . meaning you don't get one off very often unless you don't work them at all. I think I'd rather shoot for mid week and hope for a 25% price reduction. It would make it easier for me and my family to attend because we are going to have to take time off strsight up without the benefit of vacation.
Kerry Haney OFC, Wed Feb 08, 12 10:49 pm Post

Either way would work for me, as I can apply some paid time off during the week, if that is what is chosen! Very Happy

Location will truly be the make-or-break factor, however.
Amiable Amy, Sat Feb 11, 12 9:25 pm Post

Time of the week isn't a big problem for me, though I think a weekday schedule would definitely be better. Location is going to be the biggest factor by far in whether or not I can come. But if we're going to save some money, how about putting that savings into reserving the center for an extra day (Monday) and extending the Reunion by one day, so we can all make more fun memories? Just a thought. Very Happy
Rebekah Ann, Mon Feb 13, 12 12:51 pm Post

I think either way would work for me and my sis. But of course cutting the cost would be super! Can't wait for this year's Reunion either way you do it!
Hayle Daye, Wed Feb 15, 12 11:40 am Post

And yes, as others have said the location really makes the difference.
Hayle Daye, Wed Feb 15, 12 11:41 am Post

Week days would probably work fine for me, depending on the location. If it's not in a centralized part of the country I probably won't be able to make it no matter what time of week it is.
Ashton S, Wed Feb 15, 12 11:51 am Post
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