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National Reunion Update - your input needed!

Wed Jan 18, 12 12:15 am

We're working to finalize arrangements for the host 2012 facility this year (location yet to be announced), and there's something we'd like your feedback on...

As you know, we go to great lengths to keep the cost of the event as low as possible, and one of the greatest expenses is the venue itself.

Summer weekends are prime-season for reserving retreat and conference centers, so one option that's surfaced this year is the option of having the event midweek; Tuesday thru Friday instead of the traditional Thursday thru Sunday.

Depending on the facility we choose, a midweek schedule could reduce registration costs by 25-30%.

Homeschooler's like to save money, so the midweek option is compelling, but on the other hand, it would require everyone to take a couple more days off of work, school, etc., so we wanted to reach out to you for your input.

What do you think?

Are you thinking about coming to the 2012 National Reunion?

If so, would a ~25% reduction in cost with a mid-week schedule increase or decrease your likelihood of attending?

Update: We've added a handy little poll option here - please vote, but also weigh in with your comments in reply - it's always good to hear what you're thinking!

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Yes, I think it would increase the likelihood. I have been thinking about going, that would help me make up my mind faster Very Happy
SaMuEL EDuaRdO, Wed Jan 18, 12 9:46 am Post

It will make me want to attend more if the cost is lowered but, it really depends on where it is to be held and if I have the money! I've been wanting to attend a HSA event since I joined but, financially I have not been able to!
Katiebug, Wed Jan 18, 12 9:58 am Post

Mid-week works fine for me. Depending on where it is located would determine whether I would be able to attend or not.
Jessica, Wed Jan 18, 12 10:30 am Post

Last years reunion would have been a possibility for us if the cost had been less. So yes, we would be more likely to attend if the cost was decreased.
Christopher Cline, Wed Jan 18, 12 10:44 am Post

The weekend it definitely better for us. With my work schedule already booked this summer, it is extremely difficult to take off more then two days. But I would try to make it work.

Also Michael will be in summer school, so the weekend would work best.

It would cost us more to be midweek then any cost reduction. But we are not sure when or where it will be, or even if we can attend yet. We always love going though! Very Happy
AlysonB, Wed Jan 18, 12 11:08 am Post

Location probably makes the biggest difference in regards to my husband and I being able to consider attending or not. If it is within several hours' drive, we would be far more likely to come, regardless of the time of week. Hopefully the location can be more centrally located again this year? We're in Des Moines.

Thanks for trying to keep costs down - I know that's a challenge these days!
Princess Abi, Wed Jan 18, 12 11:24 am Post

The weekend option would be better. The cost differential doesn't matter to me.

Whether I attend the 2012 Reunion depends mostly on where it's located and how easy it is for me to travel there. Very Happy
Raquelle 6GC, Wed Jan 18, 12 11:27 am Post

Date, location and cost are all equally important factors for me, and they have never all come together at the same time yet for me. Weekdays would be preferable to weekend for me, since I would come with my children and without my DH anyway. BUT I have never been to a reunion, and I don't drive more than about 5 hours without DH or another adult.
bertha OFC, Wed Jan 18, 12 11:45 am Post

It makes now difference to me. I actually kind of like the idea of it being mid-week, so I could spend the weekend time with my hosts. (I'm assuming it will not be too near CA).
T.J., Wed Jan 18, 12 11:51 am Post

Midweek would actually increase the likelihood of my being able to attend. Saturdays are rather inflexible at my job.
Saralicia J (WBE), Wed Jan 18, 12 1:46 pm Post
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