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It was a blast! Reunion Group Photo + Acknowledgments

Sat Aug 13, 11 10:21 pm

We give you... the 2011 Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion Group Photo!! Thank you to Bradi Spiller, Riley Spiller and the Bonclarken Staff guy for capturing this awesome picture! (By the way, keep an eye out for the great big, official album of Reunion photos that's coming soon.)

This year's Reunion was... incredible! So in recognition of those who made it happen we'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all of this year's HSA Reunion Volunteers:

Reunion Host
Daniel Gardner

Voddie Baucham
Israel Wayne

Round Table Discussion Co-hosts
Camden Spiller & Mercy Hope

Talent Show Director
Mac Spiller

Registration Coordinator & Graphic Designer
Sarah Spiller

Communications Director
Hannah Georgeff

Transportation Coordinator
Leah Sargent

English Country Dance Host
Laura Plett

Interactive Audience Technology Director
Caleb Sturtevant

Audio & Stage Director
Joseph Sturtevant

Team Leaders
Bradi Spiller
Daniel Hernandez
Drew Boon
Emily Spiller
Israel Wayne
Jason Craig
Lizzy Stewart
Mary Kate Gygax
Nathan Skirvin
Noelle Magnell

Medical & Emergency Team
Allison Reilly
Tyson Bond

Registration & HSA Store Attendants
Amber Covington
Angela Covington
Beth Cardoza
Glory Savage

Stage Hands
Cory Warren
Daniel Hernandez
Mitch Warren
Peter Hernandez

Official Photographers + Folks Who Gave Us Their Photos
Amber Van Vleet
Angela Covington
Bradi Spiller
Daniel Gardner
Elizabeth Stewart
Hannah Georgeff
Natalie Roth
Riley Spiller

Beth Cardoza
Caleb Young
Hannah Cason
John Calvin Young
John Cook
Katie Allison
Laura Curran
Megan Kunkel
Olivia Fletcher
Roger Sisk
Sara Geny

Praise & Worship Team
Amy Burback (vocals)
Daniel Gardner (vocals & guitar)
Leah Sargent (violin)
Mac Spiller (vocals & guitar)
Megan Kunkel (piano)
Mercy Hope (vocals)

Talent Show Participants
Drew & Crew: Drew Boon, Amanda Howell, Amy Burback, Amylia Grace, & Elijah Lofgren
Leah Sargent
Rita Kopp & Emily Johnson
Travis Tyson
Anna Helgerson & Maghan Kunkel
Sarah Northrop
Amber & Angela Covington
Sheen Sisters & Co: Raquelle & Heather Sheen, Katie Allison, Mary Kate Gygax & Merrianna Mutton
Anna & Mary Warnke

Reunion Directors
Camden & Sarah Spiller

Thank YOU!! We had the best of times and hope you did too! Very Happy

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I am so thrilled I got to come. Third time I've been to a reunion and it's still completely amazing! Thank you for so sacrificially blessing us.
Noelle Magnell, Mon Aug 15, 11 5:14 am Post

It was awesome!!!
Daniel Gardner, Mon Aug 15, 11 1:06 pm Post

Woohoo!! Great job everyone, what an amazing time! Very Happy
Hannah, Fri Aug 19, 11 12:23 am Post

I had so much fun!

If you ever need some help to launch the next one, I'm definitely in. I was so blessed by all of the HSA members' contributions, and I'm serious---I would love to help out in some way, shape or form for the next Reunion if at all possible.

Anyway, great job everyone! It was so neat!
Tabitha B., Fri Aug 19, 11 9:12 pm Post

It was MARVELOUS...can't wait until next year!!
Mary Kate Gygax, Tue Sep 13, 11 8:41 pm Post
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