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Registration Closed Last Night + Update!

Wed Jun 15, 11 7:33 pm

Hello there Reunion Attendees! Very Happy

Registration closed last night, so the official countdown to the actual Homeschool ALUMNI 2011 National Reunion beings NOW!

While we wait for the day to finally arrive we wanted to share with you some of the exciting things we've been up to... because we're finalizing details left and right over here!!

So far we put the final touches on the Reunion Autograph Book and then sent it off to be printed! This year we are printing the Scavenger Hunt inside. PLUS, each page has been completely custom designed!

We purchased a whole bunch of snazzy plastic bags in which to package the pile of loot ya'll will receive on the first day of the event! We don't want to spoil too many of the little surprises, but the bags will be color-coordinated to match the teams this year.

The official Reunion T-Shirts became a reality this passed week too! Can't wait to see what you guys think of the design! Until then though, the color is also a surprise! A lot of you have asked about that but I assure you it's not a strange color or odd design. Never fear, we've got style! Wink What color do you think it will be?

Registration was also organized! It's so great to see so many old and new names!! AND we're working on the outline for the Round Table Discussion! Or should we say, Camden's putting a lot of great work into it. He can't wait to share this with you guys at the Reunion!

This year's MC, Daniel, reminds us what to bring: ‎"Reunion checklist: √ toothbrush, √ camera, √ clean socks and √ medium-sized suitcase full of fun." And a tip from our ECD host, Laura: "Don't wear high heels, wear something that has grip & will stay on your feet."

Okay, that's all for now folks! Just 13 days, 4 hours, 52 minutes & 10 seconds left to go!! Very Happy

We simply can't wait to see you soon!! Woohoo!

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Sounds great! Very Happy
Roger, Fri Jun 17, 11 8:44 am Post

Heather Belle 5GC, Fri Jun 17, 11 11:27 am Post

I'm so excitedd!! Very Happy
ladytraute, Fri Jun 17, 11 3:11 pm Post

Can't wait to see you all there!
Mary Kate Gygax, Sun Jun 19, 11 3:54 pm Post

It'll be purple, no doubt. Very Happy I can't wait!
Amiable Amy, Mon Jun 20, 11 2:44 pm Post

Noelle Magnell, Mon Jun 20, 11 3:05 pm Post
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