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The Homeschool ALUMNI Reunion Talent Show: $500 cash prize!

Thu May 12, 11 3:56 pm

The Homeschool ALUMNI Talent Show is back!!

This year we're giving away a $500 cash prize to the winner as well as $100 to the next two runners-up! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to share your abilities with with the rest of the world, and be astounded - in turn - by the talents of your fellow homeschool graduates. For information about the Homeschool ALUMNI Talent Show check the Activities Page.

We're currently accepting applications for your act through May 30th, 2011, so apply now by signing up here!
If you have any questions contact Mac Spiller, Talent Show Coordinator at

What kind of acts are you hoping to see at the talent show this year? Comment below to let us know!

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This could be even better than the HSA story contests! Very Happy I'm looking forward to it!
Heather Belle 5GC, Fri May 13, 11 8:57 am Post

..... Am I the only one who is sad that this wasn't offered at the LAST Reunion? *whispers: When I was in the competition??!* Haha.... Laughing Dang.
GoodgirlAllison, Fri May 13, 11 8:59 pm Post

Haha... I loved skits last year! Wink Is the one you guys did up on YouTube somewhere?

I can hardly wait to see the acts this year! I think the keypad voting is gonna be a fun added element as well Smile
Camden Spiller, Sat May 14, 11 11:15 am Post

I'm thinking it's not-- only because I haven't seen it yet Sad I heard *someone* videotaped all the skits, but I have no idea if that's true or not.

And I think we did keypad voting at the 2009 Reunion. It was so fun to see the stats and results come up! What a shocker Shocked
GoodgirlAllison, Sat May 14, 11 10:11 pm Post

YES! Videos of them all would be SO great!! That was a completely awesome evening Very Happy And I do believe you're right Allison, we did vote last year - but then this year it will be for a particular reason, so exciting!!
Hannah, Sat May 14, 11 10:15 pm Post

oh! And! I'd love to see a stand-up comedian act! Wouldn't that be fun!?
Hannah, Sat May 14, 11 10:15 pm Post

That would be hilarious!
GoodgirlAllison, Sun May 15, 11 9:00 am Post

This really REALLY makes me wish I was talented!!! Oh well, good luck to the rest of you! Wink
Mercy Hope (OFC), Thu Jun 09, 11 8:17 am Post
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