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Opportunity: The National Reunion Scholarship Fund

Mon May 09, 11 9:08 am

Hello there fellow HSAers!

We're blogging today to remind you about the Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion Scholarship Fund - a great way to give back to your homeschool community!

Each year it's brought to our attention that there are members of the community who are unable to attend the Reunion because of real financial hardships resulting from heath issues, job loss, or some other such unforeseen trial. To give a way for the HSA community to band together and provide for anyone who can't come for such reasons, we've developed the National Reunion Scholarship Fund.

This year we've had half a dozen full & partial scholarship requests come in, but so far there's only been one donation made on the giving end to help send these folks to the Reunion.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to contribute to homeschool graduates being encouraged and edified at the National Reunion, or if you've benefited from the Reunion in past years, or have just been financially blessed and would like to contribute, we would really encourage you to consider taking advantage of this opportunity to bless a fellow homeschool graduate.

We're currently accepting donations in any amount (every little bit counts!), so visit the Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion Scholarship Fund page to learn more or click here to donate now.

Thanks so much for your generosity!

As always, be sure to write with any questions! Smile

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