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Transportation Coordinator, Leah Grace + more travel info!

Sat Apr 30, 11 6:47 pm

Please help us welcome Leah Grace to the National Reunion Staff!

Leah is going to be making sure everyone has a ride to/from the airport, helping people with driving directions, and generally helping folks with all things travel-related.

Are you're looking for more details about traveling to and from the Reunion? Check out the Travel Information page! It's an awesome spot to read all about driving, airports, the address of the camp, a map, volunteering & transportation to and from the Reunion.

Do you need a ride to and from the airport before and after the Reunion?

Just fill out the Transportation Form and we'll make sure you're taken care of.

And be sure to use the following guide to book your tickets - if you have a special situation requiring a later arrival or an earlier departure, let us know (email: and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Are you able to give a fellow homeschool grad or two a lift from the airport?

Just fill out the Volunteer to Be a Driver form to let us know!

Questions about transportation or travel arrangements?

Send Leah a PM or drop her an email at

We can't wait to see you all! Smile

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As transportation coordinator, I respectfully request that a cool picture of me be added to this post. Very Happy (ok, I guess you don't have to . . . )
Leah Grace, Sun May 01, 11 7:22 pm Post

Ha - sorry about that... all the ones I saw on your profile were ity-bity - can you email one to me that's 500 pixels wide?
Camden Spiller, Sun May 01, 11 7:58 pm Post

Looks great! Smile Excited to work with you, Leah Grace! Yay for Reunion 2011!
Hannah, Mon May 02, 11 1:32 pm Post

Hey Leah, welcome aboard! Very Happy
Daniel Gardner, Mon May 02, 11 3:26 pm Post

Yesssss a picture!! +2 points for Camden Smile
Leah Grace, Mon May 02, 11 9:12 pm Post
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