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Announcing the 2011 National Reunion Host!

Mon Apr 04, 11 9:49 pm

We are super excited to announce that Brazil's most popular homeschool graduate - Daniel Gardner - will be returning to the Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion, this time as the official host of the 2011 National Reunion!

Born in Brazil to a family of seven, Daniel was a missionary kid who grew up juggling homeschooling, learning Portuguese and trying not to look too dorky.

For several years, Daniel and his brother Dave made humorous, family-frienly online videos, several of which garnered over a million views. Their videos can still be viewed on YouTube and their personal website

Today Daniel lives in São José dos Campos, São Paulo Brazil where he works with Editora Fiel, a Christian publishing ministry and teaches a Sunday school class in a small Baptist church. He enjoys travel, videomaking and washing dishes. (Kinda).

Visit his blog at, and make plans to hear him speak in person at the 2011 National Reunion!

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So cool!! Very Happy
Colette, Mon Apr 04, 11 10:28 pm Post

Will he be eating kiwi? Laughing
Rebekah Ann, Mon Apr 04, 11 11:42 pm Post

Hey Rebekah, if you bring it, I'll eat it. Wink
Daniel Gardner, Wed Apr 06, 11 9:15 am Post

Yay! So much awesome!
Hannah, Thu Apr 07, 11 10:01 pm Post

How'd I just now see this announcement? This is awesome.
Drew Boon (WBE), Sat Apr 09, 11 11:01 am Post

I am even more excited to go to the reunion now! I loved all of Daniel's videos.
Rose, Sat Apr 09, 11 6:19 pm Post

Thanks Rose! Wink Smile
Daniel Gardner, Mon Apr 11, 11 8:47 am Post

LOL! It's gonna be great!
Noelle Magnell, Tue Apr 12, 11 9:22 am Post

It's gonna be so good to see all you guys again!
Camden Spiller, Tue Apr 12, 11 7:55 pm Post

Why does Daniel Gardner come back the year I can't make it? Boo!!

You guys are going to have fun. Smile
Ingrid, Tue Apr 19, 11 12:49 pm Post
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