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Saying Goodbye to a Brother: Greg Wallace

Fri Mar 04, 11 2:17 pm

Last night, after a long and brave fight with cancer, our friend and brother, Greg Wallace, went to be with his Lord and Savior.

Greg has been a vital part of this community for many years. We cannot begin to recount the many ways he has touched our lives but I am particularly grateful for the opportunity I had to work alongside Greg at the '08 and '09 Reunions.

Greg's selfless service, kindness to others, and enthusiasm for life always set him apart.

There is hardly anything more painful than saying goodbye to a friend and so we grieve as those who have lost a dear brother.

Please continue to remember Greg's family in prayer. Although we are brokenhearted at his passing, we rejoice that he is now with our God and that we will, one day, see him again.

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HSA will not be the same without Greg.
Drew Boon (WBE), Fri Mar 04, 11 2:46 pm Post

We'll miss you Greg. So sad to see you go, friend.
Jason, Fri Mar 04, 11 3:17 pm Post

I miss him already. It doesn't seem real yet. It's going to take a while before it sinks in. Already I almost sent him a text to tell him I was going hiking..and nearly sent him a picture from the top of the mountain. But...his view right now is even better than mine.
Melody, Fri Mar 04, 11 6:55 pm Post

Life won't be the same... HSA won't be the same... Facebook won't be the same... You've left your mark, bro! I'm proud of you, you ran the race well.
Jill, Fri Mar 04, 11 7:32 pm Post

My heart is so sad, yet praise God that Greg is at last cancer-free and is rejoicing with our risen Savior!
Amiable Amy, Fri Mar 04, 11 9:20 pm Post

What an honor to have known him and have him be a part of HSA.
AlysonB, Fri Mar 04, 11 9:47 pm Post

I'm so glad I got to know Greg. Very Happy We'll all miss him and the reunion won't be the same without him, life won't be the same without him, but like everyone has said so many times, he's the one who got the blessing last night. Very Happy
Amber the twin, Fri Mar 04, 11 10:19 pm Post

Is there any way for me to find all the posts by Greg on here? I'd love to read through his thoughts. He was such a good writer...
Melody, Fri Mar 04, 11 11:47 pm Post

Hearing the news yesterday was a mix of all sorts of emotions for me. How sad for a family (and even an HSA family, as we are, of sorts!) to lose a son and brother, and for Melody for someone she cared about. I cannot even imagine. My heart is heavy and my mind cannot process the reality of the fact yet that Greg is gone.

And yet I am happy for Greg: Happy that his pain is gone forever, and that he gets to be in Heaven with Jesus and experience, see, touch, taste, and smell a completely different world than any of us can even fathom here on earth.
GoodgirlAllison, Fri Mar 04, 11 11:52 pm Post

Melody -

You can go to his profile, scroll down to member info and there's a spot called "Total Posts". Click on the number and it should bring up a list of posts that you can review.

Jim K. (OFC), Sat Mar 05, 11 1:06 am Post
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