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National Reunion Speaker - Voddie Baucham!

Mon Feb 28, 11 2:22 am

We are very excited to announce that the keynote speaker for the 2011 Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion will be teacher, pastor, and homeschool father Voddie Baucham!

Born in California in 1969, Voddie Baucham, Jr. was raised by a single, teen-aged mother in South Central Los Angeles after his father left to pursue a career in professional football. His mother was Buddhist so, growing up, Baucham had never heard the Gospel. It was much later, in his college years, that he became a Christian.

Bauchamís ministry is focused on helping parents keep their children from falling away from their Christian beliefs and reclaiming those that have fallen to this staggering statistic. Baucham teaches Christians how to raise children with strong personal faith that will persist when they go out into the world.

Baucham attended Rice University where he was saved and was further encouraged to explore his new faith by two fellow teammates on the Rice football team. After college, Baucham continued his studies at Houston Baptist University, Southwestern and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminaries, and followed up with post-graduate work at the University of Oxford, England.

Voddie Baucham, his wife Bridget and their children reside in Spring, Texas, where Voddie is a teacher, preacher, but first and foremost, a father and husband. He continues to speak about the power of the family unit within the Church community and the role of parents in raising Godly children.

Don't miss this great opportunity to hear Voddie speak in person!

Registration opens March 1st!

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Woooow! Surprised
Now I really wish I could go!
Patricia, Mon Feb 28, 11 11:50 am Post

cooolness! I wish I could go Sad
Linnae, Mon Feb 28, 11 1:51 pm Post

I'm sure Voddie will give us some good content for discussion.
Drew Boon (WBE), Mon Feb 28, 11 2:12 pm Post

Oh Wowwww. That's awesome!
Julia Lauren, Mon Feb 28, 11 7:14 pm Post

Great speaker!!!! Still hoping we can go.....not really sure we can.
AlysonB, Mon Feb 28, 11 8:27 pm Post

Woot! Now I really want to make it!
Angela the twin, Mon Feb 28, 11 8:55 pm Post

I didn't think it was possible, but now I'm even more excited about the reunion. Very Happy Can't wait to hear him speak!
Rebecca Theall Tero, Tue Mar 01, 11 12:13 am Post

This is wonderful! I have a very high level of respect for Voddie Baucham.
Mercy Hope (OFC), Tue Mar 01, 11 7:15 am Post

Still not sure if I am coming - the final decision is up to my dad. But I really want to come. Very Happy
Rebekah Ann, Tue Mar 01, 11 11:33 am Post
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