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2011 Family Economics Conference

Sat Jan 29, 11 7:23 pm

As a homeschool graduate, establishing the economic foundations my own household is very important to me. How will we make the money we need to provide for our families? Should we go to college, or pursue mentorship or other non-college alternatives? Is it possible to use the work and productivity of a home to bring the family together, instead of pulling it apart by keeping one, or even both, parents away from the home for 40-60 hours a week? I know these questions are also on your minds as well, so I wanted to take a moment to invite you the 2011 Family Economics Conference being organized by Generations with Vision.

The event will be held in Raleigh, NC on March 11, 12. You can find out more here:

Topics for the 2011 Family Economics Conference include:
- Mentorship & Contractualization - Networking in a Changing Economy
- Debt-free Living
- Bootstrapping the Entrepreneurial Vision
- Accountable Charity
- Sustainable Agriculture
- Raising our Sons to Be Free Men, Financially Prepared for Marriage
- Practical Family Dynamics in the Integrated Economy
- Managing Family Finances and Budgets
- Unemployment and Underemployment
- Building a Family Economy within a Community

My brothers, father, and I all attended the conference last year - and I will be there again this year as well.

We've started a forum topic in the events forum - so reply to that topic if you're coming and I'll look forward to seeing you there!

Camden Spiller
Founder / Director
Homeschool ALUMNI

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Two things I forgot to mention here...

Firstly, you can enter the coupon code "HSA" during the online registration to get $15 off your family or individual registration.

Secondly, our PM system went a little haywire - so if you received more than one notification about this, we apologize for the inconvenience. Just consider yourself doubly invited Wink
Camden Spiller, Sat Jan 29, 11 6:30 pm Post
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