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Reunion Announcement!

Thu Jan 27, 11 5:20 pm

It's official, folks!

The Homeschool ALUMNI 2011 National Reunion is coming to Flat Rock, North Carolina! Mark your calendars for June 30 - July 3, 2011, and check out the Reunion Homepage for more details.

We're very excited about the location and the rate - it's definitely the nicest place we've ever stayed, and it starts at just $199! Check out the lodging options for more info.

We also worked hard to offer the lowest possible rate to those of you who are married and have kids, so be sure to check out the new info on the "Family's and Couple's Package" and let us know if you have any questions.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming soon!

See you at Flat Rock!

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When do we get the schedule, speakers, etc?
Dave Patrick, Thu Jan 27, 11 6:09 pm Post

I already know I can't come this year, but I wanted to thank you for working towards making it more feasible for those of us who are married, and who have kids... I appreciate it!

Joel for Governor, Fri Jan 28, 11 9:36 am Post

We're hoping to have speakers announced prior to March 1st and an initial draft the of schedule shortly thereafter - come for the fellowship though! The speakers and interactive Roundtable discussions are always great - but it's truly the fellowship and community that sets the Reunion apart from other events.

Thanks Joel - you bet. Yep - couples and young families are an important part of the Reunion -- most of us organizing the Reunions are in fact married with young children as well (such as yours truly)... so it's certainly near and dear to our hearts Smile
Camden Spiller, Fri Jan 28, 11 10:56 am Post

Sounds great! Very Happy

I have a question: will each attendee be able to contact friends on HSA who are also attending to request hotels/cottage roommates? I would prefer that, personally.
Amiable Amy, Fri Jan 28, 11 5:37 pm Post

Yeehaw, we're coming!
Heather Belle 5GC, Fri Jan 28, 11 9:44 pm Post
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