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2.0 Launch Update (+ sneak preview trivia)

Sat Mar 27, 10 10:18 pm

Hey everyone! In preparation for launching 2.0, we are doing the first of the full scale data migration tests tonight (so bear with us if the system is acting slow).

When (exactly) will 2.0 be launched?
I wish I could say for certain, but we still have a fairly significant amount of work to do. The good news is that we're getting closer with each days work, and it's fun to see it all coming together. I appreciate your patience and should have more info soon.

Want to be FIRST to see the new design? Can you guess how many Friend Requests have been sent since HSA's launch five years ago? Reply to this post with your best answer and I'll send you a screen shot of what your profile will look like in the new system. Surely you're curious, aren't you???

How many friend requests have been sent since HSA's launch five years ago? Looking forward to hearing your guesses Smile


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The answer is 42 of course! But seriously, I would guess 32,000.
T.J., Sun Aug 29, 10 12:29 pm Post

I have no Idea how many members so I would say around 450000 Rolling Eyes
Troy Good Bye, Sun Sep 12, 10 8:05 am Post

Well.... how about 600?
SaMuEL EDuaRdO, Thu Sep 23, 10 4:55 pm Post

I have not gotten a pic. Are you still sending them?
SaMuEL EDuaRdO, Tue Sep 28, 10 3:58 pm Post

187615 is my guess
Tom. bishop, Wed Oct 06, 10 8:32 pm Post

hey, any updates on how HSA 2.0 is going??
Bonnie Blythe, Sun Oct 10, 10 5:32 pm Post

Taking the number of members I could find then guess at 50 friends average then add about 5000 for good measure.

About hmm... 250,650 or maybe 496,300 given an average of 100 friends with the 5000 for good measure.
Robert, Thu Oct 28, 10 9:50 pm Post

Needless to say there's been several delays and setbacks in the launch but after several stops and starts we're back to work on it... and yes... we have a winner Smile One of you is actually not very far off.... relatively speaking Wink

More to come on this when we can...

Thanks for your patience and understanding,
Camden Spiller, Sat Jan 08, 11 9:32 pm Post
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