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2.0 Launch Update (+ sneak preview trivia)

Sat Mar 27, 10 10:18 pm

Hey everyone! In preparation for launching 2.0, we are doing the first of the full scale data migration tests tonight (so bear with us if the system is acting slow).

When (exactly) will 2.0 be launched?
I wish I could say for certain, but we still have a fairly significant amount of work to do. The good news is that we're getting closer with each days work, and it's fun to see it all coming together. I appreciate your patience and should have more info soon.

Want to be FIRST to see the new design? Can you guess how many Friend Requests have been sent since HSA's launch five years ago? Reply to this post with your best answer and I'll send you a screen shot of what your profile will look like in the new system. Surely you're curious, aren't you???

How many friend requests have been sent since HSA's launch five years ago? Looking forward to hearing your guesses Smile


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Johnny, Tue May 25, 10 7:45 pm Post

random guess: 58,686? Very Happy
Patrick McKiven, Fri May 28, 10 11:45 am Post

I am going to guess 825,000 friend requests since it started (150/fr with about 5500 total members is what I worked with Wink).
John, Tue Jun 01, 10 2:40 pm Post

DELETE ME, Mon Jun 21, 10 11:17 am Post

Just Grace, Sat Jun 26, 10 11:23 am Post

Delete ME PLLEEEAAAS, Sat Jun 26, 10 5:48 pm Post

Madame Skiles, Wed Jun 30, 10 5:50 pm Post

Michelle Marie, Sun Jul 11, 10 12:35 am Post

Maybe 1,135,623?
Noah Holte, Mon Jul 12, 10 8:57 pm Post

After some mathematics and a little research... I'll guess the number of friend requests to be near 383,480. <hopeful Smile >
Olivia Faith, Sat Jul 17, 10 9:46 pm Post
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