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2010 brings exciting changes for HSA

Wed Jan 06, 10 8:53 pm


I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start! Sarah and I are enjoying a few days visiting family here in Missouri. In fact, we're currently snowed in! It’s been a beautiful start to the New Year.

2010 promises to be a landmark year in Homeschool ALUMNI’s history. Not only will it be Homeschool ALUMNI’s 5th anniversary, but also a rebirth of sorts for the organization.

I wanted to take a moment to share some details about two of the most exciting changes you can expect to see in 2010.

HSA 2.0

Based on the growing needs of our community and the feedback we've received over the past several years, Elysse, Riley and I are pleased to announce an entirely new online presence for HSA in 2010. We've dubbed this re-launch "HSA 2.0".

This is really the first major upgrade since we’ve launched in 2005 and we’re excited to be able to do some things that just weren’t possible for a fledgling online community 5 years ago.

More details will be forthcoming, but we are pleased to announce that HSA 2.0 is expected to be launched in March of 2010 – 12 or fewer weeks away!

The National Reunion

The second major area we’re focusing on is the National Reunion. The National Reunion is our flagship event, and our most eagerly anticipated gathering. The Reunion brings people together in a way no other event or online experience ever has - and yet I feel we've only begun to scratch the surface for what this event can offer the community.

We have realized, however, that while there’s something to be said for flying by the seat of one’s pants year after year, an event of this size and scope requires more time for planning and preparation than we've ever really taken. So this year we're going to step back and begin preparing, now, for the 2011 Homeschool ALUMNI National Reunion.

Many of you will likely share our disappointment in having to wait a year before the next National Reunion, but we are tremendously excited about how this is going to allow us to continue to serve you in 2011 and beyond.

This chance to step back and build a better Reunion is truly one of the most exciting things we've ever been able to do.

The date and location have already been selected, so mark your calendars now for the next National Reunion on July 21st - 24th, 2011. Update! [January 8th, 2010] The Reunion date has changed... stay tuned to this blog for the new announcement!

If you already know that you’d like to contribute to the 2011 Reunion (in any way) please drop us a line and let us know!

5th Anniversary and more to come.

Stay tuned for more about our 5th anniversary, HSA 2.0, the National Reunion, HSA Outreach, and more opportunities to connect with your fellow graduates both on and offline. In the meantime I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a happy new year and thank you for your continued support.

On behalf of all of us here at Homeschool ALUMNI, may the Lord bless and keep you as you serve Him in 2010!

Camden Spiller
Founder / Director,
Homeschool ALUMNI

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I'm looking forward to it all! Smile

A thought for the future Reunion to help raise extra money: Have a raffle for a free trip & admission to the reunion. I'm just not sure if we have enough members to make it worthwhile, though.
Andrew Plett, Thu Jan 07, 10 7:54 pm Post

^^^ Andrew's idea is a great one!! Very Happy

Wow, I'm excited along with everyone else for the coming changes! And yes, of course I'm slightly bummed about the 2010 Reunion, but-- I know that will make the 2011 one even greater! There's no rule that says we "have" to have one every year, anyway Razz Good thinking, everyone! I'm behind you guys 100%
GoodgirlAllison, Fri Jan 08, 10 4:01 pm Post

I am really excited about HSA 2.0! I joined HSA less than a month ago, but have already made eight friends and feel quite at "home."

A friend of mine will be joining after her fifteenth birthday (2011), and we're already planning something marvelous for the National Reunion (Lord willing that it will actually work Laughing )! I'll be spreading the word about the reunion and HSA 2.0. Btw, please announce the location of the reunion soon (it may aid in my friend's and my plans!).

God Bless,
Olivia Faith, Sat Jan 09, 10 6:45 pm Post

I am sorry there won't be a reunion this year but am looking forward to "HSA 2.0" Thanks Camden for all of your hard work. I know the reunion next year will be awesome!
Beckisue, Mon Jan 11, 10 7:59 am Post

Though I am Totally Bummed that there won't be a reunion this year, I appreciate all the time, effort, and prayer that goes into making HSA a great community!

Can't wait to see what HSA 2.0 looks like!
April from Japan, Mon Jan 11, 10 4:58 pm Post

Wow! Exciting changes! I can't wait to see 2.0. Looking forward to that helps lift the sadness of not having a National Reunion, but I am certainly excited about 2011! You guys have done so much work on 2.0, thanks! You're awesome!
Mary Catherine, Tue Jan 12, 10 9:32 am Post

Cool. I can hardly wait Cool And as always, I'd love to help out w/the reunion... of course, I have no idea where I'll be in 2011. I've been too preoccupied with Spring '10 to think about anything else Razz
Linnae, Tue Jan 12, 10 2:11 pm Post

wise decision (although hard to make I'm sure) on "postponing" the reunion until next year. Sooo many people appreciate the work you all put into HSA's online community, too, Camden and etc.!
Jill, Sun Jan 17, 10 8:56 pm Post

I guess I was behind the times........this is where everyone saw there was no reunion this year. Very sad, but I understand and can't wait for 2011. (Here I was trying to take off in my work schedule today at work for the reunion.Razz Diehard HSA'ers Very Happy Thanks for all the hard work everyone.
AlysonB, Mon Jan 25, 10 8:59 pm Post

I am so happy that I now have a job that would allow me to be off for a week in the summer to attend the reunion. It will be my first. So we are marking our calendars now!
Rachel Scarb Cross, Mon Mar 08, 10 7:18 pm Post
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