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Prayer Request: Klicka Family

Wed Sep 30, 09 7:18 pm

I'm sure many of you remember the contributions Chris Klicka has made to the homeschool community during the last three decades. Those of you who were fortunate enough to meet him will remember what a kind and faithful man he is. 

Whether you know it or not, as a homeschool graduate, most of you here -  like myself - have directly or indirectly benefited from Mr. Klicka's faithful labor with HSLDA. His life's work has been in the service of our community.

Chris has been fighting multiple sclerosis for many years now. He and his family have continued to serve the homeschool community in spite of the disease's long progression. While at HSLDA’s National Leadership Conference in Colorado Springs, it became necessary to admit Chris to the hospital on the 25th.

Updates are being made available by the Klicka family at:

As you'll read, he was moved to hospice care yesterday.

Please pray for Chris and for the Klicka family as they gather by their father’s side.

Camden Spiller

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I will be praying and lifting He and His family up to the Lord. Thank you for letting us know.
DELETE ME, Wed Sep 30, 09 9:00 pm Post

We are praying for the Klicka family daily. His contribution to homeschooling is hard to measure. Thank you, Lord, for giving us faithful men like him!
Elysse Baumbach, Wed Sep 30, 09 9:32 pm Post

thanks for posting this and reminding us to pray for the family.
Marlana, Wed Sep 30, 09 10:24 pm Post

Thanks for the note, Camden. I had no idea about this but I will certainly be praying.
Emerson Spiller, Wed Sep 30, 09 11:59 pm Post

We were there when he was taken ill. I am so glad we got to be with him again as he may possibly not recover from this. His contribution to the homeschool community is far too great to quantify.

The last evening of the conference, the regular program was canceled and instead they had a tribute to Chris Klicka. Representatives from every state there (30 or 40) got up and shared what he had done for them personally and for their state. We sat there two solid hours and cried and rejoiced to hear what an incredibly faithful and godly example this one man had been to so many people.

The Bible tells us to take note of those who give their lives in the cause of the gospel, and Chris is certainly one of those of whom we should take note. Thanks for posting this.
Heather Belle 5GC, Thu Oct 01, 09 2:15 pm Post

Praying for God's comfort and peace.
Emilie C., Thu Oct 01, 09 2:59 pm Post

My Father is still in Colorado by Chris' side... Hearing each day how things are going is a beautiful vision of God's love for each of us.

As you pray for Chris and his family; I'd appreciate if you'd add a prayer for my Dad (Bob Farewell) Chris is one of his closest friends and I know that this time is both wonderful and painful for all involved.

God is good... Much Love and Grace to all of you.
Eric Farewell, Thu Oct 01, 09 8:35 pm Post

It's so hard to hear this...he has tremendously blessed and influenced so many homeschooling families. Our whole family is praying for him.
Betsy, Fri Oct 02, 09 9:03 pm Post

Praying for the Klicka family - strength and peace. What a blessing it it is be to be surrounded by family and close friends like that.
Riley Spiller, Sun Oct 04, 09 12:13 am Post

My family and I have been praying about this as well. My mom was even reading the family's blog to me last night. Thanks for posting this on here as well! He was an amazing pioneer for all of us!
Amanda, Sun Oct 04, 09 5:03 pm Post
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